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Adoring Fan

Dear Ms. Behavior:

I thank you for being funny as hell. I have been reading and rereading your etiquette guide ever since its publication.

I first found womyn through the personals, and then through the Womyn’s Studies Department, so I am thoroughly saturated with Cris Williamson, Holly Near, and the desire to act as I really feel. Read the rest of this entry »

Play’s, Well, With Others

Recently, I celebrated the first birthday of my semiautobiographical play.

That’s certainly no rare event in the Twin Cities, the undisputed world capital of unproduced, unasked-for, appallingly-bad, small-town-based play scripts.

But when I bought a birthday cake for my play, and decided to throw it a party, my friends reached for their therapists’ business cards quicker than you can say “Fringe Festival.” Read the rest of this entry »

SOS Homecare

Living in a vintage home presents its challenges. Our lifestyles have changed so rapidly over the past century that those charming (but small) kitchens and bathrooms may have a negative impact on your daily life.

If your home isn’t able to accommodate your needs, a remodel may be in order. That said, most homeowners would prefer to honor their home’s unique architecture, while enjoying a more functional and energy-efficient kitchen, for example. That requires an experienced remodeling company. Read the rest of this entry »

A Wanda Wisdom Christmas Carol

Just as Santa straps the last sack of toys onto his sleigh, your favorite podcasting drag queen will be delivering an entirely different gift to the world. During the week of Christmas, Wanda Wisdom and her hardworking, creative posse of off-kilter elves will bring A Wanda Wisdom Christmas Carol to friends and fans across the globe. Read the rest of this entry »

Imperial Court of Minnesota Holds Fundraiser for Toys

On November 28 at Gladius, the Imperial Court of Minnesota held a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Gay News


Iowa Republican Hopes To Be First Openly Gay Presidential Candidate

Radio Iowa reports that retired political consultant Fred Karger hopes to be the first openly gay presidential candidate. And he’s a Republican. He recently spent $100,000 to run a 90-second commercial about himself on FOX News in seven different Iowa media markets. He told a news conference in Des Moines in November that he wants to emulate candidates like Shirley Chisholm. Karger stated, “I’m a fighter. I’m fighting for millions of people around this country who are members of my community and so many others who are deemed second-class citizens.” Calling himself an independent Republican, Karger noted, “I think the Republican Party has moved so far away from mainstream America that it is losing tremendous support—people like me.” Read the rest of this entry »

Year in Review, Top 10 News Stories of 2010

From the tragedy of teen suicides to the victory of marriage legislation, here is a look at 10 of the top GLBT news headlines for 2010, as reported on Read the rest of this entry »

On the Record

Body Talk

Robyn’s 2010 trilogy ends with a sort-of compilation of the past mixed in with the new. The set, which includes five songs each from Parts 1 and 2, tosses in five brand-new tracks. Unless you need the complete set, this one will serve you fine. The former teen pop star has hit the charts hard in 2010, being a real highlight in a year dominated by music that has been terribly tacky, utterly bland, or both—hey, Ke$sha, enjoying your 15 minutes? The latest single, “Indestructible,” continues Robyn’s hot streak for the year. It shows a bit more pop than the hard-edged disco she made earlier in the year. That sense of pop continues through the new tunes, which may give us an idea of where she’s going in the future. For the past, all the joys from the early releases are here, from “Fembot” to “U Should Know Better” to “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do.” Read the rest of this entry »

Last Call at Gladius

According to a management source, Gladius at 1111 Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis will close its doors permanently on December 18. It’s the second local GLBT bar to shut down in the past two months, following on the demise of Rumours/Innuendo in St. Paul on October 30. Read the rest of this entry »

Legendary Chi Chi LaRue Hosts Annual Twin Cities Holiday Party

On December 18, the legendary Chi Chi LaRue returns to the Twin Cities to host her annual Holiday Party, at Jetset in Downtown Minneapolis. She’ll preside over the festivities as DJ, sharing the spinning with her nephew, DJ Bryan Gerrard. She has been headlining this always-popular December event since 1997. Read the rest of this entry »

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