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Gremlin Theatre’s “Taking Shakespeare” Beautifully Disarms “Bardophobia”

There is a vast misconception in our culture that the plays of William Shakespeare are inaccessible. However, the canon “the Bard” left us has carried on continuously for four centuries going on five, and he has […]

05.06.18 In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’s Annual MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival Minneapolis MN


A Fascinating Look at Jewish Life After The Holocaust – “Bye Bye Germany” at the Lagoon

When the Holocaust ended, the Jews in Germany who survived entered a phase of discombobulating uncertainty. The dream for so many was to immigrate to the United States. However, there was a process in place […]

Drew’s Reviews: “Life of the Party”

You’ve seen Life of the Party before, or at least something very much like it. Mom embarrasses daughter, daughter’s friends think Mom is fun, Mom realizes she’s a nuisance, offers to leave, daughter feels bad, […]

Fabulous Comedic Style and Historical Savvy – “The Metromaniacs” at TRP

If you love precision in comic timing and splendid historical style (and who doesn’t?), then The Metromaniacs from Theatre in the Round Players is a show you don’t want to miss. Adapted by David Ives from the zany […]


Our Affairs

04.19.18 OutFront Minnesota Lobby Day For LGBTQ Equity Minnesota State Capitol Saint Paul MN


Books: 599

Go the Way Your Blood Beats: On Truth, Bisexuality and Desire Michael Amherst Repeater Books $14.95 Part memoir, part fragmented essays, interleaved with notes to unnamed, un-gendered past partners, Amherst explores the fluidity of sexuality and […]

03.15.18 Shannon Miller, Former University of Minnesota Duluth Women’s Hockey Coach Is Awarded 3 Million Dollars for Lost Wages and Emotional Distress

Books: 597

Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity C. Riley Snorton UMN Press $24.95 Snorton’s divisions of Black on Both Sides, “Blacken,” “Transit,” and “Blackout,” should alert the reader that this book is not simply […]

Skirting the Issues: Two Humans

In the last couple weeks, I’ve had two conversations that have impacted me greatly. In each instance, the person I spoke with was a black man. One conversation followed a talk I gave at a […]


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Gremlin Theatre’s “Taking Shakespeare” Beautifully Disarms “Bardophobia”

There is a vast misconception in our culture that the plays of William Shakespeare are inaccessible. However, the canon “the Bard” left us has carried on continuously for four centuries going on five, and he has […]

Gay Couple Kicked Out Of Lyft Car Because They Kissed

Metro reports that a driver for taxi app Lyft kicked a gay couple out of his car because they kissed. Read the full story at Metro

Czech Court Recognizes Gay Parents For The First Time

Czech Radio reports that Czech supreme court has ruled for the first time that two gay partners should be legally recognized as the fathers of a surrogate child, the daily Mladá Fronta reported on Saturday. […]

Church Of Scotland Will Draft New Same-Sex Marriage Laws

GayStarNews reports that the Church of Scotland could become the first national British church to allow ministers to conduct same-sex weddings. Read the full story at GayStarNews

Gay Friendly Apple Weighs North Carolina Despite LGBT Laws

The Charlotte Observer reports that gay-rights advocates are divided on whether to cheer or bemoan a potential marriage between the state of North Carolina and one of the global corporations most friendly to LGBT workers […]


Our Lives

Skirting The Issues: Ellie Gets Braces!

Seven weeks ago, I got braces. Yes, you read that right—Ellie Krug, 61 years old—has braces for the first time in her life. I escaped the ordeal of braces as a teenager because my teeth […]

Leather Life: A Surprising MN Leather Pride Weekend

Two titles were awarded—and, surprisingly, one was not—at the 2018 Minnesota Leather Pride contest weekend. The contest was held Saturday evening, April 7, 2018 at LUSH. Five contestants competed in three concurrent contests: Sir Zachariah BlackFyre competed for […]

Serving Our Seniors

Training to Serve teaches service providers how to meet the needs of GLBT seniors. Founded in 2009, Training to Serve formed to prepare service providers to properly serve GLBT seniors based on the community’s needs. […]

A Word In Edgewise: Ready, Set—Go!

A childhood friend and I chat weekly. At 12, we were press-ganged into Miss Mary Alice’s dance class, then later were accepted into the same tiny prep school class of 20. Today, our conversations often concern our […]

From The Editor: The Sum(mer) Of All Parts

Well, folks, we’ve made it. In spite of everything Mother Nature lobbed at us in the last few months—I’m looking at you, Awful, No-Good, Record-Breaking Blizzard—we’ve finally arrived at the home stretch to the summer […]


Our Homes

Trends: A Sofa For Any Style

Schneiderman’s Furniture shares its furniture secrets and upcoming home trends. If there’s anyone who really knows you, it’s your home. And if there’s anyone who really knows homes, it’s Schneiderman’s Furniture. With locations in Lakeville, […]


Ride Review: Trending Soon

For the past seven years, Lavender Magazine provided regular coverage of the automotive marketplace here in our readership area and beyond. We often feature the latest vehicles on sale, as well as a few tips […]


It’s Gotta Be TJB

Jason Budzynski of TJB Homes Remodeling shares his process of remodeling homes. A family-owned business, TJB Homes Remodeling was founded in 1980 by Jason Budzynski’s father with the goal of transforming people’s homes and lives. […]


Repeating The Past: A Spring Cocktail: Bee’s Knees


Ride Review: 2018 Volvo XC60

It was early in the morning inside Cobo Center in Detroit on a typically cold January. The Media Days for the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) just kicked off. All in attendance scrambled […]

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