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Director Taps Into Gay Undercurrents in Wilde’s “An Ideal Husband”

For several years Noreen K.Brandt has made her mark as an actress and director of classic plays. She has helmed the current revival of what some feel and think is gay master playwright Oscar Wilde’s best […]

“Revolt” Ripples With Activist Passion at the Gremlin

With Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again., UK playwright Alice Birch is at odds with how gender roles are sometimes codified. Frank Theatre is executing a fast-paced, crisply acted staging of this showcase of vignettes at the Gremlin […]

“These Shining Lives”, a Marnich Masterwork, at the Phoenix

Minnesota playwright  Melanie Marnich has been doing great things beyond The Land of 10,000 Lakes in recent years but her plays continue to ignite our passions locally. Her devastating These Shining Lives relates the horrific plight of […]

Sharp Breakthrough Performances Enhance the Polemical [Almost Equal To] at Pillsbury House

[Almost Equal To] by Swedish playwright Jonas Hassen Khemiri is a streaming cascade of various characters steeped in financial anxieties and desperation. To make this challenging script work and engage an audience it must be […]

“Getting Hitched” – Urban Growler Brewing Company Provides Time to Vow and Space to Wow

When you hoof your way through the Capital City’s Saint Anthony Park neighborhood, it’s not hard to invoke an earlier time, especially when you get to 2325 Endicott Street. You notice straw-colored brick that, supported by […]


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10.11.17 Twin Cities Quorum 2017 National Coming Out Day Luncheon Minneapolis MN


Skirting the Issues: Allies

I’ve written before about how transgender folks (and yes, even the great Ellie Krug!) need allies, particularly those who engage in “allyship”—the action part of being an ally. “Action” as in, “Hey dude, you just […]

Q & A with National Coming Out Day Speaker Judy Shepard

In 1998, Judy Shepard lost her son Matthew to a murder motivated by anti-gay hate in Laramie, Wyoming. Since then, she has become a leading voice in fighting for the rights of this community and […]

A Word In Edgewise: That Old Question of Apples and Trees

Once again, one of iconic pastor Billy Graham’s progeny is in the news. While son Franklin keeps up his unrelenting background drumbeat of anti-GLBT rhetoric, Graham’s daughter, Franklin’s sister, Anne Graham Lotz, pushes her own […]

A Word In Edgewise: Ringing the Bells of Heaven

In a broad stroke, mankind can be divided into two types, the helpers and the harmers; those who help turtles to the other side of the road and those who swerve to crush them. Those […]


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10.11.17 Twin Cities Quorum 2017 National Coming Out Day Luncheon Minneapolis MN


BigGayNews for Monday, October 23, 2017

  Today’s Top Headlines Ex-Assistant AG Fights Disbarment For Anti-Gay Crusade State Representative Betty Price Suggests ‘Quarantine’ For HIV Patients Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions Refuses To Say If He’ll Deny Same-Sex Couples’ Basic […]

New Zealand’s New Prime Minister Left The Mormon Church Because She Believes In Gay Rights

GayStarNews reports that Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, has vowed to be a progressive leader. Read the full story at GayStarNews 

Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions Refuses To Say If He’ll Deny Same-Sex Couples’ Basic Rights

Pink News reports that Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has refused to say whether he would allow government workers to discriminate against same-sex couples. Read the full story from Pink News 

State Representative Betty Price Suggests ‘Quarantine’ For HIV Patients

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Georgia Representative Betty Price (Republican – Roswell) in a study committee this week asked if the government could “quarantine” people with HIV. Read the full story at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 


Our Lives

A Lot of Love at Lurcat

Cafe & Bar Lurcat is an obvious choice when looking for a wedding venue in Minneapolis. With its elegant indoor and outdoor settings, Cafe & Bar Lurcat is sure to bring the romance to any […]

The Chorus Couple

Meeting the love of your life while doing one of your favorite things is just about the most ideal situation that could happen. For Kai and Brett Chin, this was the beginning of their unique […]

Real Weddings: Emily Resseger & Jeannie Rogalsky

Photographer: Studio Laguna Photography, Katrina and John Hannemann Date of Wedding: July 1, 2017 Dating Since: September 2013 Location of Ceremony & Reception: PAIKKA Florist: Studio Emme and FiftyFlowers.com Wedding Coordinator: Bre Ward from Bre […]

Real Weddings: Doug Taylor & Owen Platt

Photographer: Glen Stubbe Photography Date of Wedding: August 27, 2017 Dating Since: April 2009 Location of Ceremony & Reception: St. Paul College Club Florist: TangleTown Gardens and Laurel Street Flowers Wedding Coordinator & Stylist: Grooms Cake: The […]

Real Weddings: Denise & Tola Ochocki

With their five daughters: Cassandra, Miya, Asia, Hannah, and Emma   Photographer: BD Portraits – Brent Dundore Photography Date of Wedding: April 28, 2017 Dating Since: 2015 Location of Ceremony & Reception: The Landmark Center in St. […]


Our Homes

Ride Review: 2017 Mazda CX-5

The first Mazda CX-5 was a major hit! In relative terms, the CX-5 helped raise the profile of the company by introducing a smart-sized SUV in a very competitive segment. Instead of following everyone else’s […]


Road Trip Tips

What is the best way to see our wonderful nation? One could argue that flying will get you somewhere faster, an intercity bus is much cheaper to go, and the train has a romance of […]


Ride Review: Chevrolet Corvette

To define the American sports car, one has to look no further than the Chevrolet Corvette. For 65 years, the Corvette’s story starts with being different than the rest. Built with a fiberglass body, a […]


Making Houses into Homes

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They’re where we welcome guests with an ambience of warm laughter and chilled cocktails. They’re where we make and store our memories, whether they be displayed on a fireplace mantel […]


Celebrating 30 Years of Care from Clare

Imagine being sick because of a virus that has no cure, a virus that has opened the door to infections that are slowly killing you. Now imagine the medical professionals who are supposed to care […]

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