Issue 359

Q Solution: “Soap First”

Q Puzzle: “Soap First”

1 Swallow alternative
5 Game with men that are queens
10 They rise to show thighs
14 Actress Skye
15 Desert plant
16 Skin softener
17 Ending for Copland
18 What Vampires suck
19 Barbecue area
20 Plunge for two women
23 Gentle touch
24 Dottermans of Antonia’s Line
25 Photographer Leibovitz
26 Commit a foul a la Sue Wicks
28 Spank one’s bottom
31 Officer in the navy (abbr.)
32 Darth’s daughter
33 Bounced off the walls
35 First soap opera to feature 20-Across
40 Vincente Minnelli’s  ___ Parade
41 Discharges, in slang
43 Copies of a feminist mag.
46 Walk like you’re fagged out
47 They have big bags of money
49 Tatum of The Bad News Bears
51 Swiss river
52 B&O et al.
53 Couple joined on 35-Across
58 Hoarse sound
59 Rupert Everett’s An ___ Husband
60 River to the Seine
62 Steinbeck migrant
63 Stroke with an upright stick
64 Violates a certain military rule
65 Early TV comic Ed
66 Went downhill fast
67 Make sound


1 ___ semper tyrannis
2 Place for showing off your physique
3 Where a bottom takes it?
4 Some like them hot
5 Gay-friendly Shepherd
6 Grass-skirt dances
7 Subj. for John Nash
8 Flat-bottomed boat
9 Marquis name?
10 “Surprise Symphony” composer
11 Broadway star Stritch
12 “Oh What a Beautiful ___”
13 Marsh plants
21 Nectar inspector
22 Passé
23 Tammy Faye’s old club
27 Sheltered spot
28 IRS form
29 Spin like a top
30 Letters in cyberspace
33 Prefix with plasm
34 Military color
36 Sap supplier
37 Big initials in fashion
38 Get the hell out?
39 Lincoln’s state
42 Teakettle sound
43 Future day, in the past
44 ___ Pie (Rita Mae’s feline)
45 Greets and seats
47 Shagged
48 Constellation over Rio
50 Navratilova’s winter home
51 Take down a peg
54 Gets ready to fire
55 Neighbor of Minn.
56 Ball lover
57 He cruised for 40 days straight
61 Immigrant ed. choice

Hear Me Out

Lily Allen
It’s Not Me, It’s You

We could use more Lily Allens in the world. That is, ballsy smarty-pants who say whatever flies off their tongues (especially when it’s about narrow minds), a non-issue for this British starlet who became known for shooting one-liners with her 2006 debut, Alright, Still. And being a nudist. Shedding some of the punk-pop flair, and under the production of Greg Kurstin (who’s worked with Kylie Minogue, as evident on “I Could Say”), the sum is more sonically varied, but still brimming with giggle-triggering zingers and savvy pop hooks. There’s Westerner-on-speed “Not Fair,” the polka-shaped “Never Gonna Happen” and electro-pop (“Back to the Start”), and it’s this experimental dabbling that solidifies the artistic merit of Allen, who mostly trades in the bubblegum sheen of debut “Alright, Still.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Couple of Guys®

May The GForce Be With You

Glenn Witman put together a nice hockey team. He signed former college and club players—guys who knew how to skate, shoot and check. They won their share of games in rinks around the U.S., but Witman wanted to test them against tougher competition. Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Inside Hollywood

Cher and Knoxville Drop-Out
Johnny Knoxville.

Energizer-Diva Cher has had on-screen romances with a variety of Hollywood players, from Nicolas Cage to Dennis Quaid to Jack Nicholson to Diana Scarwid. (Remember her playing lesbian in Silkwood? Sure you do.) Now she’s hooking up with John Waters’ favorite MTV personality, Johnny Knoxville, in the upcoming comedy The Drop-Out. The Jackass alum stars as a slacker and perpetual college student whose parents finally lose patience and throw him out of the house; Knoxville’s character winds up moving in with the cougar next door (Cher), whose own adult son is in desperate need of a role model. Both Cher and Knoxville have big gay followings (OK, yes, Cher’s is bigger than big) and enough tattoos between them to cover about one and a half people. Maybe they’ll actually have onscreen chemistry too. We’ll see when The Drop-Out reaches screens in 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Reno and Lake Tahoe

Gays and lesbians, especially those living in central and northern California, flock regularly to the ski and lake recreations of Lake Tahoe—which straddles the state border with Nevada—and the nearby city of Reno, known for its many casinos. This isn’t a major vacation hub among party types, although the annual Lake Tahoe Gay and Lesbian WinterFest in March brings out a flood of revelers, but you will find a smattering of nightlife options in Reno. This is a great destination for romantic getaways, gaming (on the Nevada side), and year-round recreation, including skiing, fishing, boating, hiking and mountain biking. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial Cartoon

Colder, smaller, weaker: Better martinis

The diplomatic way of defining the “best martini” is as “the martini that you like the best.” But, really, if you’re pulling a jug of vodka out of the freezer and pouring it into a glass, you’re not drinking a martini at all. You’re drinking a glass of cold vodka. Add olives and you’ve got vodka with a snack. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Marks

The Sky Below
by Stacey D’Erasmo
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
288 pages hardcover

Gabriel Collins isn’t a very likeable fag. When young, he dealt drugs without guilt to his peers, seduced high school girls without emotion and sold bathroom blowjobs to older men he despised. Relocated to New York, where he writes obituaries for a failing post-9/11 newspaper to finance his stalled creativity, he perhaps loves an older, wealthy financier—more likely, it’s a Daddy thing—but refuses to relocate from his slummy rent-controlled apartment to more lavish quarters. Read the rest of this entry »

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