Issue 358

Q Puzzle: “Fate Club”

1 Stud fees?
6 Poet Teasdale
10 Nero’s bird
14 Black to Bonheur
15 Singer Dobkin
16 Farm erection
17 Close of Serving in Silence
18 A little behind
19 Reproduced without sex, for short
20 Like Fosse missing a cue?
23 Lennon partner
24 Pirates’ drink
25 Part of SASE (abbr.)
26 Evaluate Burke and Bean?
32 Masters
35 ___ of Eden
36 Sound of the New York Liberty cheerleaders
37 Curve and others
38 Terence of Priscilla
40 Mishima’s continent
41 Bonehead
42 Pair, to Magnus Hirschfeld
43 Bear
44 Nominating a homophobe?
48 Leibman of Angels in America
49 Gene’s makeup
50 Old streaker over the Atlantic
53 Put same-sex wedding vows on a plaque?
58 “Uh-oh!” to Lord Byron
59 Counterfeiters’ nemeses
60 Lurer of phallic fish
61 Not straight
62 Began a hole, with “off”
63 One to ten, e.g.
64 Changes from a couple to a threesome
65 Blowjob filmer Warhol
66 Bone in the back

1 West Side Story Jet, e.g.
2 Faith in music
3 Link with
4 Sea eagle
5 Kahlo and others
6 Oscar Wilde tragedy (1893)
7 Ruck of Spin City
8 Circumcision, for one
9 Tools for the Tin Man
10 Get up
11 Lisa Ben’s magazine
12 “Why should ___ you?”
13 Gay, to Brits
21 Fruitcake
22 Made it to second base, so to speak
26 Lawyer’s thing
27 Homophobia and such
28 Norma McCorvey’s memoir ___ Roe
29 Gaydar, for example
30 Parade prohibition for Streisand
31 Swimmer you can eat
32 Retreat for D.H. Lawrence
33 Asian inland sea
34 Sitcom Jack
38 American Beauty director Mendes
39 Randy’s skating partner
40 Went down on
42 House opening?
43 Galindo and Mattis
45 Proposals in bars
46 Really camp
47 Part of Q and A (abbr.)
50 Conductor Georg
51 The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas author
52 Orgasm, e.g.
53 Asked for on bended knee
54 Katharine’s Butch Cassidy role
55 Rainbow, to some
56 Have an opening for
57 Cut the crop
58 Org. for Evan Wolfson’s peers

Q Solution: “Fate Club”

A Couple of Guys®

Bitter Girl

Editorial Cartoon

Deep Inside Hollywood

Natalie Portman Poses for 17 Photos

Star Wars and Garden State obsessives who still carry a torch for Natalie Portman aren’t going to like where she’s going next: marriage and motherhood. Not in real life or anything, just for a role. But still, movies feel like real life sometimes, so it may trouble the fanboys that her next project, 17 Photos of Isabel, finds Amidala trading space adventures for womb-centric dramedy. Read the rest of this entry »

What Gays Owe Black America: Thoughts on the Inauguration of Barack Obama

Judging by the stinging e-mails I’ve received, some of my fellow white queers haven’t gotten over their post-Proposition 8 anger at African Americans. A faulty exit poll and even worse reporting led some to believe that it was those dastardly blacks that did in same-sex marriage in California. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex Talk: Masturbation

Horny? Sometimes relief is right at hand.

Of all the sex you might have, masturbation is the most trouble-free. No precoital chitchat, no negotiations. You don’t even have to shower and shave. So, unsurprisingly, pud-pounding’s popular; Kinsey found that 92 percent of men have wanked. (What’s keeping the other 8 percent back is a mystery, but it’s safe to say they’re missing out.) “Sure, it’s wonderful to relate to another guy, to discover all sorts of stuff about his body, to give and receive pleasure,” says one gay man. “But let’s face facts—nobody knows more about what feels good to you than you do yourself. Some of my very best orgasms ever have occurred when no one else was around.” Read the rest of this entry »

Isn’t Fashion Fun

STYLEDLIFE® + Valentine’s Day = Sexy Red Accessories Read the rest of this entry »


More Detail, Please
You are commended for bringing to our attention “Where Do Your Gift Dollars Go?” [Lavender, Jan. 16]. You must go into more detail, especially for the groups spending more than 25 percent on costs. I believe the Attorney General should audit some of these excessive spenders, especially those over 40 percent in salaries. This is an outrage, and the governing boards must be called to task.
—David A. Swanson Read the rest of this entry »

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