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Q Solution: “What a Character!”

Q Puzzle: “What a Character!”

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Bitter Girl

Editorial Cartoon

A Couple of Guys®

Book Marks

At this time last year, two major gay-interest publishers—Harrington Park Press and Carroll & Graf—were defunct, and smaller queer presses were reeling from the financial fallout of a major distributor’s bankruptcy. Good news follows bad: Some of the Harrington slack was picked up (along with a few of its orphaned titles) by Lethe Press, which greatly expanded its catalogue in 2008; Bold Strokes Books, already producing an eclectic line of lesbian genre fiction, started to publish gay male novels; and in November, Don Weise—formerly at Carroll & Graf—was named publisher of floundering Alyson Books, which earlier in the year was sold by Planet Out to Regent Media, owner of Here TV and Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Inside Hollywood

Twilight Star Rocks as Joan Jett

At this moment in her career, young Kristen Stewart—now known permanently as vampire-loving Bella in Twilight—probably has the sudden clout to do whatever she wanted. Her choice? Play Joan Jett, of course. Wouldn’t you? The talented Stewart will co-star as one-quarter of the original ‘70s bad-girl group, The Runaways (the band that also produced hair-metal star Lita Ford), in a biopic about the group’s rise and fall. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I’m a Lesbian: Year-end musings on the meaning of our lives

My moment of truth came when I was sitting in my car, listening to the radio at a red light. A thought popped into my head. It was clear and startling. I thought: I don’t have to be a lesbian anymore. It was 1993. Bill Clinton had just become president. A wave of anti-queer sentiment was engulfing the nation as politicians debated gays in the military. On the radio, the usual suspects were calling us predators and sex addicts. The best any of the commentators could say about us was that queer service members who lived openly and honestly would disrupt the military. Read the rest of this entry »

In Michigan City, Language Matters

A couple of years ago, a Michigan City, Ind., teacher paired two 10-year-old boys together on a science project. One was an excellent athlete; the other was a bit effeminate. The athlete’s friends teased him about the partner, but his parents encouraged him to become friends with the less-popular child. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex Talk: Beginning with Bondage

Many a man, upon seeing a photo of a tied-up guy, his naked body straining against ropes and restraints, has thought, “Hey, I’d like some of that!” Bondage is mostly about power—about taking control or surrendering it. That’s a big temptation for tops who crave a human sex toy. So how does a newbie bondage dom go from stroking off over porn to really playing with ropes and chains? Read the rest of this entry »

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