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Regarding “Commission: Catholic Magazine Not Hateful,” [“,” Lavender, July 18]:

The outrageous decision of the Canadian Human Rights Commission to dismiss the complaint of hate messages against Catholic Insight has been appealed to the Federal Court of Canada. It has also recently been disclosed that the Government of Canada’s Heritage Department had investigated Catholic Insight for hate material, and did conclude that that magazine was exposing gays and lesbians to hatred or contempt. Heritage Canada threatened to withdraw their Publications Assistance Program funding if Catholic Insight did not tone down their antigay rhetoric, and Heritage Canada has put Catholic Insight on their watch list.

The federal court will be asked to decide if the complaint ought to have been dismissed, or if it should be referred to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for a full, fair, and public hearing. The court will also be asked to determine whether the commission acted fairly and justly in the way that they handled this complaint. The commission refused to allow the complainant to see or to respond to Catholic Insight’s defense; failed to allow the complainant to fully argue his complaint; and took into consideration prejudicial and irrelevant facts in making its decision, including the fact the government was subsidizing this magazine, and any finding of discrimination would be an embarrassment to the government.

The court case will no doubt raise some very interesting issues and facts about how the Harper government is trying to squelch human rights in Canada. In the meantime, Canada’s GLBT community still has to live with this type of vicious and virulent hate propaganda spread under the guise of “Christian” teaching.

Rob Wells

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Bingo A-Go-Go… Goes Downtown!

Back in the fall of 2002, Clare Housing and Park House got together to talk about the phenomenon of Gay Bingo in Seattle and Philadelphia: “Would the Twin Cities GBLT community support such an event? Where could we do it? Who could do it? Would we make enough money to make it worth our time?” Well, we wouldn’t know the answer to the first question until we tried it. Read the rest of this entry »

GLBT Life & Wedding Expo

It’s a beautiful summer day in June.The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch; the reception, full of elegant decor and food to amaze the masses, was full of delightfully intoxicated friends and family; and the happy couple of honor were at peace. The wedding they had been dreaming of and planning for the past year finally had come together flawlessly. Read the rest of this entry »

Driving Diversity: Bill Bertrand of Morrie’s Mazda Manages Dealership—and Two Kinds of Stigma

Bill Bertrand knows all too well the acerbic sting of stigma. He has heard the sniggering at cocktail parties, noticed the long stares inside restaurants, and perceived the downcast eyes in parks—all because of who he is. You see, he’s the manager of a car dealership. Read the rest of this entry »

More Equal HRC Casts Its Gaze on Gays in the Automotive Industry

According to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), some corporations are more equal than others, as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial Cartoon

National News Read the rest of this entry »

League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions Conference: Airs Trans and GLBT Youth Issues

The League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions holds its 37th annual conference on October 4 at the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester. It celebrates 60 years of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the theme “Strategies to Strengthen and Invigorate Our Communities.” Read the rest of this entry »

Green Party

Enjoying the campaign so far? If not, don’t worry: It soon will be all over, and no one will give a good tinker’s damn about pigs, pit bulls, or lipstick—until the next campaign starts, which, I’m guessing, will be about 15 minutes after this one ends. Read the rest of this entry »

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