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Romance on the Danube – River Cruising Through Prague, Vienna & Budapest

by Eric Poole If you’re in search of the perfect honeymoon spot, there is nowhere in the world quite as romantic as the Danube. This river, which flows from Germany to the Black Sea, is […]

From Paris to Prague along German Rivers

The swans were late for work. They’d been floating past our cabin’s balcony every day since boarding Viking Cruise’s riverboat Alsvin as we made our scenic way through Germany. We were sailing along the Mosel, […]

Kicking Back in Vegas

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, as far as I’m concerned. I’m here to let y’all in on a few of the city’s secrets, and here’s the first: make it a mid-week stay […]

Frankfurt and Friends

Frankfurt is ready for its closeup. Visitors to Germany often fail to venture beyond the city’s airport or train station before rushing off to their intended destination. Big mistake. There’s more to discover than those […]

Bragging Rights – Incredible Fall Getaways

By Eric Poole Fall getaways don’t have to just be ski vacations. Or leaf peeping. Or last-ditch efforts to recapture summer by getting hammered at some all-inclusive resort. If you’re willing to travel a little […]

Timeless Travelers

We see it plastered across magazines, commercials and billboards everywhere we go: the human desire to travel. However, we frequently see travel as a representation of adventurers portrayed as young, single people who possess the […]

Wisconsin, Unplugged: “Water Meets the Soul” in Bayfield and on Madeline Island

A summer’s weekend at your college friend’s parents’ cabin can be a blast. For starters, there’s sleeping six to a room, cooking your own meals, washing all those dishes…oh, and there’s no air conditioning. Folks, […]

Sail Away

Vacation can be just as stressful as it is relaxing. From planning the trip to fitting it into your busy schedule, the process of simply choosing a destination can cause just as much stress as […]

Road Trip Tips

What is the best way to see our wonderful nation? One could argue that flying will get you somewhere faster, an intercity bus is much cheaper to go, and the train has a romance of […]

Saxony’s Sweethearts

Leipzig is hot. It’s Saxony’s fastest-growing city (Germany’s too). And that’s par for the course. Talk about creativity, from art to music to social reform. Where else can you enjoy an orchestral performance in the […]

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