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A Staggering Revival of a Monumental Musical – “Follies” at Artistry

It is extremely important to acknowledge those unique gay artists who bring oceanic empathy, compassion, and intricate psychological insight to heterosexual suffering. Plays by Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Sir Terence Rattigan, and Thornton Wider bear testimony to […]

Drew’s Reviews: “I Feel Pretty”

We are long overdue for modern-day movie about the harsh realities of a superficial world that hails the physically attractive and turns its back those deemed undesirable. A movie that acknowledges the pain, self-doubt and […]

A Mature and Brilliant Journey into Transgender and Lesbian Struggles – “Twisted Deaths” at Phoenix Theater

With Twisted Deaths, Shannon TL Kearns has written what may be the most masterful play to date about the transgender experience. Not to mention its rich insights into a lesbian relationship. And I mean right […]

Arts Spotlight: 598

Five Points Through May 13 Ritz Theater, 345 Thirteenth St. NE, Minneapolis (612) 339-3003 The new musical, Five Points, is set in a Manhattan neighborhood during the Civil War—a location where newly freed African-Americans […]

A Compelling Production About Transgender Issues in the Home – “Mermaid Hour: Remixed” at Mixed Blood

Musical creator David Valdes Greenwood taps into issues between a transgender adolescent named Vi and her parents in Mermaid Hour: ReMixed. Biracial 12-year-old Vi (Azoralla Arroyo Caballero) is more than eager to get on with the process of transitioning from cisgender male to […]

Transgender Experience at Mixed Blood This Saturday: “On Our Own Terms”

The socially conscious Mixed Blood Theater will facilitate discussion, plays and social gathering regarding transgender experience this Saturday at an event called On Our Own Terms. 12 p.m. Jay Owen Eisenberg and Cat Hammond will lead a […]

Lavender Orientations at MSP International Film Fest

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival is offering various lavender-oriented films. Artists connected to some of them will be in attendance and they can be seen at various locations. St. Anthony Main is the primary location […]

5Q: The Lorax

“5Q” is an online-only column featuring five questions about stage productions in the Metro Area. Periodically, “5Q” will take the form of an interview with actors, directors, writers, etc. to shed some light on the […]

A Contemplative Film on Navajo Spirituality, Gender Non-Conformance, and the Environment

The Blessing is a contemplative documentary that juxtaposes Lawrence, a despairing and conflicted middle-aged Navajo man, with the struggle of his teenaged daughter, Caitlyn, who is coming to terms with her being different from others. The […]

A Touching View of a Parent of a Genderqueer Student – “The Pink Unicorn” at Illusion Theater

The solo play The Pink Unicorn is a very good gateway to discussion about the concept of “genderqueer.” Sympathetically written by Elise Forier Edie, the pain and confusion of a mother who fears for, is […]

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