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Halloween Season Near Lake Nokomis from Classics Lost N Found – “Ghosts of the Emerald Isle”

Irish ghost stories have held place in classic fantasy literature for centuries and this year you can celebrate your Halloween season with some of them. Therefore, what could be better than a theater troupe that’s […]

Passionately Acted “Zafira” Spins a Cautionary Yarn on Level 9

The fear of mass incarceration of immigrants animates Zafira and the Resistance, now running as part of the Guthrie’s Level 9 series at the facility’s Dowling Studio. The New Arab-American Theater Works company has assembled a […]

Coup d’Etat’s Wild, Woolly & Wise “Rogue Prince” – An Exhilarating Roller Coaster Ride of Raw Comedy & High Drama

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”  -Henry IV in William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part Two Theatre Coup d’Etat propels theater to the basics with total reliance on actors, words and action in an open […]

Slick, Stylish, and Refreshing – A Sexually Awakened “Rocky Horror” on Park Square’s Main Stage

Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show seems to be etched in stone as to how it is expected to appear on stage. Images from its early uber-glam productions and its cult classic status as a film, with […]

Haygen-Brice Walker’s Play to be Read as a Queer Forms Event

The U of M’s Nash Gallery QUEER FORMS exhibition is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. As part of this the Playwrights’ Center was commissioned to write a new piece titles SEVEN.YEARS.OF.SHED.SKIN by Queer Latinx […]

Rasmussen’s Dreamy Vision – “Ride the Cyclone” at the Jungle

In some her best work yet as the Jungle Theatre’s Artistic Director, Sarah Rasmussen has staged Ride the Cyclone with a mastery of great visuals and aurals alchemized with flesh and blood actors. However, the actors don’t […]

War Stories – Emily Mann’s “Gloria: A Life” at Herstory Theatre

St. Paul’s History Theatre has been redubbed the “Herstory” Theatre for its current season of plays that celebrates women. The area premier of Gloria: A Life definitely lives into that in celebration of the life of feminist […]

Julia Cho’s Exquisite “Aubergine” Nourishes the Soul on Park Square’s Boss Stage

Playwright Julia Cho has discovered connections between the memories we have about food and the way we live our lives, as well as our dying, in Aubergine, now in a memorable production on Park Square Theatre’s Andy  […]

Allison Witham on Playing The Magician in the Coming Out Themed Solo Play, “Open”

                            Allison Witham has been a significant contributor to queer theater work as an actor for Savage Umbrella and Transatlantic Lover Affair, two […]

MN Opera’s “Elektra” – Larger Than Life & Absolutely Thrilling

Sabine Hogrefe utterly soars in the title soprano role of Minnesota Opera’s Elektra at Ordway Center. She jolts with primal power and cavernous emotion as a daughter understandably consumed rage over her adulterous mother, Queen Klytaemnestra, and her lover Aegisth’s murder of […]

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