A Word In Edgewise: Meditation on an Inland Sea

Barwoorsh…Barwoorsh…Barwoorsh…Strong, steady, soothing, powerful; you could listen to the rhythmic pulse forever. But you don’t have forever, and when the tide goes out, so do you. I lay in a quiet room, a technician amping the sound […]

Books: 625

The Stories You Tell Kristen Lepionka Minotaur $26.99 Don’t think, “I’ll read a few pages before I go to sleep.” It won’t work. Keeping pace, Lepionka’s third Roxane Weary novel will keep you wide-eyed and transfixed. […]

Love, Annotated

The Minnesota Historical Society contributes to the canon of local GLBT history with two new book releases. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and look back at the astonishing history of the GLBT […]

Books: 623

FlabberGassed: A Mister Puss Mystery Michael Craft Questover Press $24.95 FlabberGassed is the first in Michael Craft’s Mister Puss Mysteries, promising tantalizing gay cozies featuring a gay architect and a rich widow’s prescient but Sphinx-like Abyssinian. Before […]

Books: 619

Thursdays and Every Other Sunday Off: A Domestic Rap by Verta Mae Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor University of Minnesota Press $16.95 By turns informative, witty, enraging, and heartbreaking, storyteller Smart-Grosvenor’s Domestic Rap tells it like it is […]

Books: Issue 617

When Brooklyn Was Queer Hugh Ryan St. Martin’s Press $29.99 Shown the words “gay” and “New York,” one’s first thought would likely be Greenwich Village, or gaudy eccentrics encountered along the great White Way. “Brooklyn,” on […]

A Word In Edgewise: Reading As a Two-Way Street

Under a recent Facebook photo of a wall of books was a caption asking (I forget exactly) whether people are still reading actual books. The replies ran from “Real books only!”” to “E-books, what a […]

Books: 615

Farm Boy: A Memoir with Recipes Mark Abramson Minnesota Boy Press $15; $4.99 Kindle The prequel to Minnesota Boy (2017), Abramson starts from a Copperfieldian “I am born,” and takes the reader to nineteen, heading for […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Books

Circulating Queerness: Before the Gay and Lesbian Novel Natasha Hurley University of Minnesota Press $27 While “GLBT,” or “Gay Studies” areas now exist in local booksellers, Natasha Hurley examines the emergence of gay and lesbian novels […]

A Word In Edgewise: Those Little White Lies—and Other Shades on the Spectrum

“I didn’t break the lamp!” “I’m sorry, we can’t use that style novel at this time;” “Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine!” To translate the above, read: “I broke the lamp, I’m afraid I’ll be […]

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