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Everyday Drama: Day of the Dolphin

About a year ago, I started reading a book about attempts by human researchers to communicate with dolphins. Most of these experiments—in typical human fashion—have been stupid and dangerous to the dolphins.  In one famous […]

Everyday Drama: The Will

“I’ve had it! I’m calling my lawyer and changing my will!” That’s how a close friend started a phone conversation this morning. I get an I’m-cutting-my-ungrateful-relatives-out-of-my-will call from her once a month. I settled into […]

Eulogy For A Good Boy

He wasn’t the type of heroic and selfless dog you’d see in a Disney movie. He was a coward—except if you were a hamster. Then he was brave.   He killed two hamsters, not by […]

Everyday Drama: A Day In the Life of a Step Parent

You wake up and make your lunch. Hide your lunch on the back porch so the kid doesn’t grab it by mistake. He once took your lunch shortly after you entered his life four years ago. It […]

Everyday Drama: Dog Park Diary

We leave for the park at 7 a.m. We used to go much earlier—between 4 and 5 a.m. Before coffee. I’d hustle my little pack out of the house and into the car. But this […]

Dateland: The Evil Asparagus

This morning I received a call from my good friend, Stacy, detailing an unfolding work drama with her new archenemy. The archenemy is named Fifi. “Is she a poodle?” I asked. A fair question given […]

Dateland: Vowless

A year and a half ago, as we were drafting our wedding vows, I wanted us both to promise to never, ever, keep Cheez It crackers in the house. We quickly decided to keep that […]

Dateland: Shanghai Madam

Last week, I received the following email message from my friend Scott: “New bio of Wallis Simpson released. Read immediately. Then discuss asap.” Even though Scott is only ten years older than me, he prefers […]

Dateland: The Fairy Tale Continues

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to read a compilation of all the people who have been killed by alligators in Florida since 1990. Especially not right before we headed to an alligator-rich area to […]

Dateland: Women I Don’t Like, Vol. 2

I’m Facebook friends with my archenemy. Several years ago, when I learned she was leaving the company we worked for, I broke out in a jig in my office. And I don’t even know how […]

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