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Arts Spotlight: 580

Dunkirk Area Movie Theaters The 1940 evacuation of British and French troops from Dunkirk on the French coast has been shaped into a stunning cinematic marvel in Dunkirk. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan embraces the overwhelming nature of a […]

Gay Master Playwright Albee’s Newer Version of “The Zoo Story” in an Acclaimed Fringe Production

In the early 2000s Edward Albee (1928-2016) revised his classic one act, The Zoo Story. When the dark ironic comedy was first written in 1958, the gay role of the deeply troubled Jerry was a breakthrough just […]

A Mermaid & A Fish Are Safe Bets -Two Accomplished Storytellers Share Their Tales at Fringe

Ariel  Leaf and Scot Moore always have something interesting to say, so their co-presentation at the Minnesota Fringe Festival is a very safe bet that you’ll be entertained and “thought-provoked.”  Even the titles are intriguing: […]

David Mann Finds the Extraordinary in an Ordinary World at Fringe

David Mann has been a popular Twin Cities actor for several years. One can say he rates as local theater royalty—great looks, great mover, great voice, and has mastered every kind of genre. His newest […]

An Evocative Little Epic – “Pope Joan – The First Transgender Pope” at the Fringe

Christy Marie Kent is known for her wonderful trans-themed writing, but she makes an artistic breakthrough with her new play, Pope Joan – The First Transgender Pope, now in a strong Minnesota Fringe Festival production at […]

A Charming Crash Course on Queer Ideas – “First Year Queer” at Fringe Festival

Lyssa Sparrow performs with sassy comic flair. She takes personal experience that came to a head on New Year’s Eve 2015 when her fears of coming out as a bisexual were shattered. After having broken […]

Gabriel Mata Enchants and Beguiles at Fringe in “Out of the Shadows”

Gabriel Mata is an extraordinary dancer whose Out of the Shadows combines spoken personal stories about his marginalization as a Mexican and as an artist. The Zenon Company dancer and instructor developed much of his […]

Randy Harrison Talks About The Twin Cities and Musical Theater

Ten years ago Randy Harrison made his Guthrie Theater debut in The Glass Menagerie. Since then, the former Queer as Folk television star has ascended as a musical theater actor of national and international significance. […]

Queerness, Gender Inquiry, and Topnotch Comics Enliven This Year’s Fringe Festival

The Minnesota Fringe Festival has been perennially inclusive of issues that deal with queerness, gender, and sexuality. Fringe is also a smorgasbord for madcap comedy. The problem with that, however, is that a lot of […]

Arts Spotlight: 579

The Cinema in Film Through Aug. 29 Trylon Cinema, 2820 E 33rd St., Minneapolis 612-424-5468 Movies make a profound imprint on us that most of us tend to underestimate. Trylon Cinema reflects on this […]

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