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Harrie Bradshaw

Lavender’s Crowdfund Roundup, Vol. 11

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.  In return for their contributions, donors will receive […]

Photo courtesy of International Swimming Hall of Fame

Cheryl Furjanic’s Uplifting HBO Documentary on Greg Louganis: A Story of Herculean Struggle and Triumph

No diver in recorded history has achieved the level of greatness as Olympic diving champion, Greg Louganis. The HBO Sports documentary, Back on Board: Greg Louganis, captivates with up close and personal interviews. It will […]

boulevard feature

Robin Williams Gives a Milestone Final Performance About Breaking Out of the Closet in “Boulevard” at Lagoon Cinema

The closet is its own particular hell and when latent or closeted people in their middle years and later finally start to come to terms with it, it can turn their world upside down. There is […]

Kinky Feature

Kyle Taylor Parker Soars in “Kinky Boots” at the Orpheum

The Lauper and Fierstein musical phenomenon, Kinky Boots, has official taken the Twin Cities by storm with a glorious national tour production directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell and a soaring turn by Kyle Taylor Parker […]

Kinky Boots Feature

5Q: Kinky Boots

“5Q” is an online-only column featuring five questions about stage productions in the Metro Area with a special focus on the GLBTQ community’s relationship to the production. Periodically, “5Q” will take the form of an […]


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Harrie Bradshaw

Lavender’s Crowdfund Roundup, Vol. 11

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.  In return for their contributions, donors will receive […]


Pride in Pictures and Poetry

This is one of my favorite issues of the year: Pride in Pictures. So many smiles and faces and signs and causes; all coming out and being seen. And, though there generally aren’t many words […]

A Word In Edgewise: A Pride Among Prides

In Lavender’s 2009 Pride edition, I wrote of the California’s earlier Proposition 8 decision. During the summer, prior to Prop 8’s passage in November, 2008, the fall, some18,000 couples had wed, though were still barred […]


Ask Lambda Legal – Marriage Equality

            By Susan Sommer, Lambda Legal Sr. Counsel and Director of Constitutional Litigation Following the Supreme Court’s recent historic decision to grant same-sex couples throughout the United States the freedom […]


“Septembers: Senior Muses of a Gay Man” — A conversation with Dr. Ronald G. Perrier

Ronald G. Perrier is professor emeritus of theater and film studies at St. Cloud State University where he taught for 27 of his 40-plus years as an educator. He has directed some 75 theater productions and taught classes in […]


Recent Stories

Russian Police Detain Gay Rights Activists In St. Petersburg Skirmish

Ukraine Today reports that St. Petersburg police detained gay activists on Sunday, August 2nd, as they tried to stage an unsanctioned protest. Read the full story from Ukraine Today 

A Thousand Points Of Hate – Couple Plans Massive Series of Anti-Gay Marriage Billboards

Yahoo News reports that some highway billboards are the same wherever you go – McDonald’s, Target, Wal-Mart and others—while others are more regional—Carl’s Jr—and some are particular to specific states but those road-tripping through the […]

Meet Vietnam’s Gay Power Couple – U.S. Ambassador And His Husband

Bloomberg reports that since their December arrival in Vietnam, U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius and his husband have become the most prominent gay couple in the Southeast Asian country. Read the full story from Bloomberg 

Girl Wounded In Jerusalem Gay Pride Attack Dies

The Huffington Post reports that an Israeli hospital spokesman says a teenage girl stabbed by an anti-gay extremist in last week’s attack on Jerusalem’s gay pride parade has died. Read the full story from the […]


BigGayNews for Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today’s Top Headlines In New Documentary, Gay Palestinian Men In Israel Grapple With Their Sexual, National Identity Uncle’s Death Motivates Gay College Athlete To Create Change Minister From Viral Video Is Not A Gay Rights […]


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Pride in Pictures 2015

Lavender is rounding up our 2015 Pride coverage with this Pride in Pictures Issue that celebrates love as well as this community. The biggest celebration over the last year was the Supreme Court ruling in […]


Posh Puppy: New Pet-Friendly Hotel Stay

Travel: we all do it at one point or another. How much do you pay for a dog-sitter? What about pet boarding? And after you pay those fees, how much time of your vacation is […]


Dateland: Captain, Dumb Captain

I’m writing this in the cabin of my boat. I’m distracted at the moment because this cabin was the location of the first big makeout session I’ve had since becoming single. Now, I associate the […]

Mr Bootblack 2015

Leather Life: International Mr. Leather 2015

The International Mr. Leather (IML) contest, held every year in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend, is always an intense weekend. This year, even more than usual, the 37th annual contest was full of emotional […]


Skirting the Issues: In Lieu of an Owner’s Manual

Caitlyn Jenner’s very public gender transition is helping to change perceptions about transgender people. Still, for trans persons who lack television agents or magazine photographers, transitioning genders remains incredibly difficult. For my contribution, here are […]


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FCA GALA feature

More Than Just a Parade: The Intersection of the Auto Industry and the GLBT Community

When an automobile manufacturer says they support the GLBT community, what is the ultimate output of that support? To answer this question, we must first look in our own backyard. A walk through Loring Park […]


Ride Review: 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Which automobile is one of the most popular ones in our community today? Subaru is a correct answer. It is nationally, as well as locally; however, there is a different truth to tell, especially in […]


Growing Sustainably

By Lisa Antenucci A Minneapolis Couple Plans for a Growing Family with a Sustainable Home Renovation Kevin Miller and Bobby Jardin are feeling hopeful. They are preparing for a Skype interview with a birth mother […]

Getting Around Pride

Getting To & Around Pride

By Amy Ongaro Transportation options to get to (and around) Pride weekend have never been more plentiful. Check out these great options to have a safe and celebratory festival weekend: Bike It Biking is an […]


How To Deal With Servicing and Maintaining Your Car

When something goes wrong in your vehicle, what do you do? If you are mechanically inclined, you fix the problem right at home — or, do the light maintenance that you can do. However, our […]