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09.26.16 Gender Reel’s 6th Annual Film and Performance Art Festival



10.20.16 WNBA Finals Game 5 Championship Game Minnesota Lynx 76 Los Angeles Sparks 77 Minneapolis MN


Photo by Chuck Zlotnic

Going to the Movies with Jeff & Drew: “The Accountant”

  Ben Affleck blows up your preconceived notions of an action hero with this autumn blockbuster. Christian Wolff (Affleck) is a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office […]


Gritty Gay Indy “Imperfect Sky” at Showplace Icon Monday Night, Oct. 24

Minneapolis actor Paul Cram plays the role of a gay heroin dealer in the new gay independent film Imperfect Sky. It plays Monday night at the Minneapolis Showplace Icon. The setting is South Central Los Angeles and Cram is […]

Sense and Sensibility. Photo by Dan Norman

An Exquisite “Sense and Sensibility” at the Guthrie

No one ever wrote about the delicate relations between men and women and the intersection of economic realities like Jane Austen. Kate Hamill’s superb stage adaptation of her first and hugely popular novel, Sense and […]


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Loving and ‘Loving’ in Splendor

“Love is a many-splendored thing,” runs the song lyrics, and often more splendored than people care to embrace. In fact, over decades, marriages between certain consenting adults have been banned, despite the song’s declaration that […]


Grant Whittaker: ‘Be Your Own Muse’

With a background in fashion and dance, Grant Whittaker understands the human body. How the body moves, how fabric drapes the body, and how to adapt fashion for each body. “Having come from that dance […]


Health & Wellness Update: Local HIV/AIDS Service Organizations

HIV/AIDS service organizations provide assistance in many forms to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends. These services may include counseling as well as HIV testing and referral resources. The organizations listed below offer […]


Skirting The Issues: Gratitude II

Five years ago, I penned a column entitled “Gratitude” that detailed how a group of well-off, totally straight cisgender people had selected me to be the executive director of a brand new nonprofit, Call for […]


A Word In Edgewise: Learning from Others

I recently spent 10 days in Amsterdam. Aside from the beauty of Amsterdam, itself, a city of which I am very fond, I was struck by a couple of cultural differences. While Twin Citians are great […]


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10.07.16 Shut Out HIV 5th Annual Fundraiser Minneapolis MN



10.06.16 First Thursdays Habitation Furnishing + Design Minneapolis MN


Czech Government Okays Plan To Allow Gays To Adopt Their Partner’s Children

LGBTQNation reports that the Czech government has approved a plan to allow gays and lesbians living in a registered partnership to adopt the children of their partners. Read the full story from LGBTQNation 

Russian Embassy Taunts Westerners As ‘Gay Pigs’

Queerty reports that the Russian embassy in London tweeted a cartoon in which a smiling, muscular Russian bear is flexing its muscles over a group of pigs in what appears to be a representation of […]

LGBT Group Sues Utah Over Anti-Gay School Laws

CacheValleyDaily.com reports that a Utah lawsuit filed Monday seeks to open up a new front in LGBT rights following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage by challenging laws they say discriminate against LGBT […]


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Adding Some Sparkle: Celebrating Alisha and Kata’s Wedding

Sometimes it’s love at first sight. But sometimes love takes its sweet time, simply waiting for the right moment to appear, gradually developing without fanfare or a sudden rush of clarity. For Alisha Linnea Nehring […]


Jason and Christopher: Surrounded by Love

A compliment could change your life. Next time you like someone’s necklace or sweater or hair or whatever, don’t hesitate to tell them because they could end up being the love of your life. That […]


Change Up Your Wedding With The Hottest Trend

Rachelle Mazumdar, owner of Style-Architects Weddings + Events Photos courtesy of Melissa Hesse, Rivets and Roses Everyone dreams of their wedding being an amazing party for their family and friends, but how they achieve this […]


Real Weddings: Jake Peggar & Swapnil Mane

Photographer: Carla Crandall, Creative Image Photography Wedding Date: September 4, 2016 Dating Since: July 2013 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Warehouse Winery Flowers: Minneapolis Farmer’s Market Invitations: Elegant Wedding Invites


Loving and ‘Loving’ in Splendor

“Love is a many-splendored thing,” runs the song lyrics, and often more splendored than people care to embrace. In fact, over decades, marriages between certain consenting adults have been banned, despite the song’s declaration that […]


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The Cookie Creative: Manipulating Icing

Everyone has a memory related to cookies. Whether it’s dunking Oreos in milk when you were little or watching your grandma make Christmas cookies, somewhere in your memory is an event involving cookies. Holly Nolan’s […]


Ride Review: 2017 Ford Escape

Change is always good. In any automobile, change can help improve the vehicle’s look and/or driving experience. It could be a subtle change to the front bumper or a new set of gauges. It could […]

2016 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD

Ride Review: 2016 Volvo XC60

There has been a lot of talk about Volvo lately. From an ebb that almost threatened the car maker’s existence, sales have turned around on the basis of new and exciting products. The XC90 SUV […]

2017 MINI Clubman

Ride Review: 2017 MINI Clubman

Back in 1959, Sir Alec Issigonis developed a revolutionary vehicle that would change the automotive business. His big contribution was to create a driveline that we now take for granted, moving the engine to a […]


MSP Home & Design Show Brings Higher-End Feel to Home Design

Looking to channel your inner designer or remodeler and update your home? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your suburban home or add defining touches to your downtown loft, the all new MSP Home & Design […]