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2014 Dining Out for Life Celebrating 20 Years

By Pat Evans and Joy Summers It’s that time of year again: Dining Out For Life, an annual fundraising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, corporate sponsors, and restaurants. You’ll see KARE11 personalities, Sven […]


2014 New Restaurant Guide & Preview

By Pat Evans and Joy Summers You’re going to want to grab a snack. We’re thrilled to present our new restaurant guide! You may have noticed that, through the Taste Buds and Slice columns, we […]


Barometer: Killer B’s Karaoke Is the Buzz at the Saloon and LUSH

Tired of singing by yourself in the shower? Then croon with a crowd during the popular Killer B’s Karaoke at the Saloon on Tuesday nights and at LUSH on Thursday nights. The Killer B’s are […]


The Little Mermaid – Under The Boardwalk

Gotta love those tap-dancing seagulls; they stole the show. But then (full disclosure) I’m a theater-goer who seeks mental as well as visual and emotional stimuli in a show. Give me Tyler Michaels in Cabaret. […]


Arts Spotlight: 493

Dogwood Through Apr. 22 People’s Center, 425 20th Av. S., Mpls. www.candidtheaterco.com Seraphina Nova has made her mark as both a playwright and director of queer-oriented work. Her play Androgyny was met enthusiastically a decade […]


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A Word In Edgewise: Let Them Bake Cakes

On the heels of Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s veto of State Bill 1062, Judson Phillips, the Franklin, Tennessee-based president of Tea Party Nation, declared, “Tyranny is on the march!” Arizona business owners’ inability to discriminate […]

On Loving Women

Books: 492

On Loving Women Diane Obomsawin Translated by Helge Dascher Drawn & Quarterly $16.95 Obomsawin’s stark line art, her animal and bird characters, skim the deceptive surface of deep, emotional waters. The ten short stories each […]


A Word In Edgewise: Bill 1062: “Controversial Anti-Gay” or “Pro Religious Freedom”?

At this writing, Arizona governor Jan Brewer has vetoed State Senate Bill 1062, a piece of legislation supposedly designed to add protection for the religious freedom of individuals and businesses by allowing them to refuse […]


Skirting The Issues: Oasis

My day job involves running a Twin Cities nonprofit that helps low-income (read: poor) people connect with lawyers and legal resources. Recently, our accomplishments were featured in a local newspaper article that quoted me repeatedly. […]


Camp Heartland Fundraiser for Kids with HIV/AIDS Offers Visual Arts

Great strides have been made in the healing process of HIV/AIDS in recent years. However, not everyone can get access to that process - like children, especially those who are disadvantaged, in particular. And that is […]


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BigGayNews for Friday, April 18, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Peru Compiles Signatures For GLBT Civil Unions Planned Anti-Gay Rally In Ethiopia Is Cancelled Turkey Is Building The World’s First Openly Gay Prison In Post-DOMA World, Gay Couples Still Face Tax Day […]

Is Gay Nightlife Dead?

The Advocate reports that New York nightlife isn’t dead — it’s just changed. And many of those who claim it is dead simply didn’t change with it. Read the full story from The Advocate

Egypt’s Gay Community Fears Government Crackdown

The Guardian reports that recent series of raids and long jail terms fan fears that gay people may be new target of authoritarian government. Read the full story from The Guardian

Check Out Finland’s New Graphic Gay Bondage Stamps

Slate.com reports that it’s difficult to imagine a future where America’s stamps are as amazingly, graphically gay as Finland’s. Read the full story from Slate.com

When Does Gay Marriage Return to the Supreme Court?

ABC News reports that many law professors say the Supreme Court will eventually take a gay marriage case after one or more appeals court rulings, but that won’t happen until 2015 at the earliest. Read […]


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A Word In Edgewise: Let Them Bake Cakes

On the heels of Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s veto of State Bill 1062, Judson Phillips, the Franklin, Tennessee-based president of Tea Party Nation, declared, “Tyranny is on the march!” Arizona business owners’ inability to discriminate […]


Dateland: Nursing Home Noir

I moved into my father’s retirement home about a month ago. At first, it was heaven! But as the weeks progressed, events at “The Home” have taken a dark turn. I decided to live in […]


Through These Eyes – Diet Coke: Through The Eyes Of Dillon D.

“Refill, sir?” I don’t hear my waitress. I’m staring out of the window by my booth, at the parking lot outside, at the street lamp growing up from the asphalt, at the occasional business person […]


From the Editor: And the Band Played On: Of Celebration and Celebrity

This is a celebratory issue. Paired up with our annual New Restaurant Guide & Preview, we’re also highlighting 20 restaurant picks from this 20th anniversary of the Dining Out for Life program in Minnesota, benefiting […]


10 Tips for Being a “10″ by Summer

By Benjamin Loehrer Finally! Summer is just around the corner and soon everybody will be showing some skin! Here are ten simple things you can start doing today to be ready for a day at the […]


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2014 Lexus LX 570

Ride Review: Lexus LX 570

Big. Luxury. SUV. Take these three words/acronyms and think for a moment. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Cadillac Escalade is one. The Range Rover is another. These sit on top of […]


Ride Review: Acura MDX

When the world throws a lot of stress in your face, you simply need some luxury in your life. This is life. A job that pays fine, but not without a few contingencies to make […]

2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport

Ride Review: Lexus IS 350 F Sport

This car did what?!? Comparisons are a tough thing to do. You jump from one subject to another to find a conclusion as to which one is best. In-between are the arguments – for and […]

2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium

Ride Review: Toyota 4Runner

Thirty years ago, Toyota introduced the first SUV that was not a Land Cruiser. Not that there was anything wrong with the Land Cruiser. They had been an integral part of Toyota’s history since after […]

2014 Honda Civic EX-L sedan

Ride Review: 2014 Honda Civic

Do you remember seeing your first Honda Civic? It is not a question most often asked, but we often forget how long the Civic has been around – albeit many generations old. In my case, […]