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Q-STAGE Succeeds With Queer Insights & Universal Appeal – At Intermedia Arts Through Saturday

Endearing humor and political passion launched 20% Theatre’s Q-STAGE: New Works Series at the facility of their partnering organization, Intermedia Arts, this past weekend. The sparkling comic duo of Elyssa Kilman and Emily Zimmer is presenting their co-creation with writer-conceptualizer Basil […]


Humiliation Behind Closed Doors: “Rat in the Skull” at the People’s Center

When a dominant culture incessantly bullies a minority culture, the minority ultimately strikes back. In the 1984 drama, Rat in the Skull by Ron Hutchinson, the dominant is Protestant Great Britain steered by the Crown […]

Victoria Vargas (right) as Carmen in the Minnesota Opera production of Carmen.
Photo by Victoria Vargas (right) as Carmen in the Minnesota Opera production of Carmen.
Photo by Michal Daniel

5Q: Carmen

“5Q” is an online-only column featuring five questions about stage productions in the Metro Area with a special focus on the GLBTQ community’s relationship to the production. Periodically, “5Q” will take the form of an […]


The Agony & the Ecstasy: Why We Love “Jersey Boys” – – now back on stage at the Orpheum

The current national tour of Jersey Boys is looking as triumphant as ever at the Orpheum Theatre. The true-life story musical about the quartet, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, glistens with four splendidly sung and dramatically nuanced performances […]


Dominic Orlando’s Scathing Thriller “The Reagan Years” Captures the Zeitgeist of the Big ’80s at Playwrights’ Center

Men can be mysterious creatures. Sometimes that mystery is captivating and genuinely nice and darling to be around. Sometimes it can be brutal. It’s the brutal side that playwright-director Dominic Orlando and a courageous cast have so brilliantly […]


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Namaste Fundraiser

Namaste Café Raising Funds for Nepal Earthquake Victims

By Rajee Aryal As you know, Nepal, where most of our friends and family live, has been struck by a devastating earthquake, killing thousands, injuring many more and affecting more than 9 million people (a […]


A Word In Edgewise: Driving Out or Welcoming In – We Make the Choice

We live in a country where homelessness is penalized, even criminalized. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for example, is about to pass a law forbidding homeless persons to store possessions publicly. Ft. Lauderdale police would be required […]


Reflections on 20 Years of Providing Legal Services to the HIV Community

By Lynn Mickelson, Director of Legal Services, Minnesota AIDS Project I’ve always considered March 17, 1995, to be one of the luckiest days of my life. It was my first day working as Legal Program […]


A Word In Edgewise: Slouching Towards Theocracy: House Bill 1125

Everyone wants religious freedom — at least for one’s own faith. The Pilgrims fled England for the Netherlands seeking it, for even in the early seventeenth century Amsterdam was known as a city of culture and religious […]


Skirting the Issues: Bathrooms and Boardrooms

There are two kinds of rooms where business gets done: bathrooms and boardrooms. This is about both. As I pen this column in mid-March, there are at least four state legislatures debating bills that would […]


Recent Stories

Newly Out Fox Contributor Isn’t Very Concerned About Gay Rights

Advocate.com reports that GLBT people truly are everywhere – including the ultraconservative Fox News Channel. Read the full story from Advocate.com 

Gay Hotel Owners Apologize For Hosting Ted Cruz Event

USA Today reports that two gay New York businessmen who hosted a recent dinner for Ted Cruz apologized to the gay community, saying it was a “terrible mistake” because of the GOP presidential hopeful’s opposition […]

Gay Australia Ambassador Offers To Resign After Prime Minister Tony Abbott Snubs Partner

GayStarNews reports that Australia’s openly gay ambassador to France offered his resignation after Prime Minister Tony Abbott snubbed his partner in Paris. Read the full story from GayStarNews 

Retail Clerks Refuse To Write ‘Gay’ On ‘Promposal’ Cake

FOX2 Now reports that two teens were flooded with support last week over their viral “promposal”, but a family member of one of the teens says not everyone was on board. Read the full story […]


BigGayNews for Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today’s Top Headlines Billboard For Gay Conversion Therapy Prompts Protest Nigel Farage: “UKIP Is Not Anti-Gay” Gay Kiss Cam Moment Has Dodger Stadium Cheering Mama Dragons Lead The Fight For Their Gay Mormon Kids Get […]


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Vertical Endeavors: Climbing to Fitness

You look up. The wall in front of you is covered in colorful pegs, which you understand to be hand and food holds. Suddenly you notice the harness you’re hooked up to, for safety, naturally. […]


Through These Eyes: Nostalgia: A Demonic Possession

People write down things they want to remember. Buy milk. Clean garage. Find a man. Have kids. Pay Comcast, and f*ck Comcast. Doctor’s appointment on Thursday. Some people write down more complex things they’d like […]


Dateland: The Elephant In The Room

Last night, I attended a lecture on how to clone a mammoth. It was given by a beautiful-but-icy lady scientist with a suspicious accent. She sounded like a James Bond villain, lushly overemphasizing her vowels […]


From the Editor: The Lavender Sports Page

The Twin Cities area is often cited as having the best of the best in our people. We’re forward-thinking, we’re cultured, we’re active. This community tends to carry a lot of weight on those scales […]


5 Reasons to Go for a Bike Date

By Jen Warner When you really care about someone’s heart, take them for a bike ride! Not the first thing that came to mind for your next romantic outing? It will be. My City Bikes […]


Our Homes


Ride Review: 2015 Kia K900

We often equate luxury with a name. It is in the clothes we wear, the furniture we buy, the electronics we own…even the realtor with whom we sell or buy our homes. Names often evoke […]

2015 GMC Canyon SLE All Terrain 4X4 Crew Cab Short Bed

Ride Review: 2015 GMC Canyon

Let’s agree on one thing – the popularity of pickup trucks is a fact no one can ignore. Full-sized and heavy duty pickups already rule the roost, thanks to consistent sales of the Ford F-Series, […]


Ride Review: 2015.5 Volvo S60

Why do we love Volvos so much? The first reason would be the company’s commitment to occupant safety and structural rigidity. Older Volvos were boxy for a reason: strong roofs, built-in crumple zones, and durable […]

2015 Lincoln Navigator

Ride Review: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

A luxury vehicle used to be measured by its size. That was until the end of the 1970s. Gas crises and emissions controls forced luxury car makers to consider building smaller, more efficient and cleaner […]


From Minnesota, With Love: The Drinks

The idea of hiring a bartender of name for a wedding might be new to Minnesotans. We’re a humble sort, so naming a drink slinger and branding your big day’s booze might not be at […]