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2015 Spring Arts & Dining

Arts Previews by John Townsend & Shane Lueck Food Pairings by Joy Summers Hir Mixed Blood Theatre Company www.mixedblood.com Through March 22 Prepare to let go of some of your assumptions. Obie Award-winning drag artist […]


ARENA Dances Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Season

Plastic Language ARENA Dances at The Cowles Center for the Performing Arts March 27 – 28 Kicking off the 20th anniversary season, ARENA Dances presents Plastic Language, an evening-length trio that deconstructs everyday moments to […]


“Fabletic” Sportswear

Shirred Edge Capri $65 QuikWik JunoActive www.junonia.com JunoActive began because founder Anne Kelly was at the YMCA in Saint Paul, having a hard time finding workout clothing, and wondering where all the other larger women […]


Bear With Me (While I Tell You About…): 516

Purimball March 7 • 8 p.m. – Midnight The Woman’s Club • 410 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis Celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim at Purimball, an adult costume party for Jews and non-Jews. You’ll dance […]


Emblematic “Manchurian Candidate” Now an Opera – Pulitzer Prize-winner Kevin Puts Comments

Kevin Puts profoundly moved us with his Pulitzer Prize-winning opera, Silent Night, which premiered at the Ordway Center as a Minnesota Opera production in 2011 and for which he won the Pulitzer for music the following […]


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A Word In Edgewise: Telling It Like It Is

If plain speaking makes you uncomfortable, don’t invite Barack Obama to talk. His remarks at the recent National Prayer Breakfast caused outrage from conservative journalists, namely Fox News pundits and Mike Huckabee. Evoking the Golden […]


A Word In Edgewise: Are There No Prisons? Are There No Workhouses?

A recent article by Scott Rodd for ThinkProgram profiled impoverished Campti, Louisiana, a town by no means unique in our country. The residents quoted were articulate and aware of their situation. Leon moved away to […]


Books: 515

Killed in Escrow: A Lauren Vellequette Mystery Jennifer L. Jordan Clover Valley Press $15.95 Lauren Vellequette is a lively and knowledgeable protagonist for Jennifer L. Jordan’s second mystery series (Jordan’s a two-time Lambda Literary Awards […]


Skirting the Issues: The Real Tipping Point

This column-writing business is tricky: the lead for submitting a proposed piece is about five weeks, which means that if I’m trying to write something timely, there’s always a chance that superseding events will come […]

Boystown Feature

From Dickens to Boystown

We’re all guilty of Netflix binges and getting wrapped up in the latest TV drama. Jake Biondi is no different. His love of dramas like Dynasty, Dallas, 90210, and Revenge have propelled his novel series, Boystown, written in intallments […]


Recent Stories

Red Robin Manager Says He Was Fired For Being Gay

USA Today reports that a former general manager at a Red Robin restaurant has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit, claiming that he was fired from the company’s West Nyack franchise location because he is gay. […]

Gay Dad Writes To NY Mets Second Baseman About His ‘Lifestyle’ Comments

The Washington Post reports that a gay dad who happens to be a New York Mets fan wrote an open letter to second baseman Daniel Murphy, explaining why Murphy’s comments about accepting a gay teammate […]

ISIS Executes Another Gay

Metro reports that Isis fighters have once again thrown a man to his death, simply because he was accused of being gay. Read the full story from Metro

379 Companies Urge The Supreme Court To Back Gay Marriage

Fortune reports that many of America’s largest companies rallied behind the gay marriage cause as the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments for April 28 on the contentious social issue that promises to yield one […]

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03.02.15 2015 Youth Summit: Organized by OutFront Minnesota and the Minnesota GSA Network St Paul MN



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“Fabletic” Sportswear

Shirred Edge Capri $65 QuikWik JunoActive www.junonia.com JunoActive began because founder Anne Kelly was at the YMCA in Saint Paul, having a hard time finding workout clothing, and wondering where all the other larger women […]


Coming Out…Again: Speaking Up about Mental Health in the GLBT Community

If you walk past Kimberia Sherva or L.A. Jones on the street, you wouldn’t assume that anything is different about them. They both appear to be healthy adults going about their daily lives. But what […]

Artwork by Jeana Lidfors.

Through These Eyes: Silent Sam

“And this is Silent Sam,” says a bubbly college sophomore called Ben. I’m a junior in high school, touring the University of North Carolina with classmates; Ben is our tour group’s guide. We approach a […]


From the Editor: On Stage: On Stands and Online

The Spring Arts & Dining Issue is here and I am reminded yet again of how fortunate we are to live in such a creative hotbed. Repeatedly and deservedly, we win in the rankings for […]

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02.18.15 Laverne Cox, “Ain’t I a Woman?” Minnesota State University Mankato MN



Our Homes


Ride Review: 2015 Toyota Camry

Before I get into this “Ride Review,” I want to start off with recalling a conversation I had recently. I was meeting with our Managing Editor, Andy Lien, when she complimented the car you see […]


Down on the Farm with the Beekman Boys

Who are the Fabulous Beekman Boys? Short answer: Two city guys who bought a farm. They’ve got a herd of goats, a llama, and a whole lotta drama. Farming isn’t easy, but they make farming […]


Kitchen Remods: The Cost of Kitchen Renovation

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? I’d bet that the majority of folks wonder about the cost. I checked in with Jolynn Johnson over at Crystal […]


MidModMen: From Pop-Up to Mainstay

“You know what would look great right here?” Regardless of the answer to that question, it can probably be found at MidModMen+friends. The store, founded in 2012, offers a “classic/modern mix” with an emphasis on […]

Courtesy of Christopher Strom.

How to Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit to your Property in 7 Steps

By Christopher Strom If you’re old enough to remember watching TV’s Happy Days, Arthur Fonzarelli’s bachelor pad above the Cunningham’s garage defined “cool.” The Fonz had his share of independence yet was still part of […]