2017 Pride Weekend What To Do

Pride Weekend is here and here is a sampling of what you can do, see, hear, and experience. Events are happening in both Twin Cities, so you can be sure to find fun things to do […]

A Word In Edgewise: What Will You Do?

Courage. It’s awesome and amazing, in the original sense of causing awe and amazement, and we may be called to summon it at any time. It can be displayed over time, as in daughter Nancy […]

Equality March for Pride and Unity – June 11, 2017

By Amy Brockman It started with someone being inspired by the Women’s March and the huge numbers of people who participated all over the world. The idea for an LGBT rights march on June 11 […]

A Word In Edgewise: Nevertheless…

“Nevertheless, she persisted,” has become a mantra urging women to stand against discrimination or bullying. Nevertheless, is also a powerful shield for any individual or group facing long odds, from society, ill health, or other […]

“Where There’s Smoke” – Demoted Firefighter Dan Benson Alleges Anti-Gay Departmental Discrimination

Dan Benson has made headlines in recent weeks, after being surprised by a demotion he received due to a poor performance review in his capacity as battalion chief for the Eagan Fire Department…but Benson disputes the […]

Twin Cities Pride is Listening

By Amy Brockman After the Pride Festival wrapped up last year, Twin Cities Pride got a lot of feedback from people in the queer and transgender people of color (POC) communities about some negative experiences […]

BRO: Taking Knowledge to the Community

Hatred toward gay people is not unique to a race or culture. But are there unique factors at play in specific cultural communities in regard to attitudes toward GLBT people? The answer is complex, but DeAndré […]

MoSAIC: Helping LGBT Entrepreneurs Live Their Full Potential

Over 70 countries criminalize same-sex relationships. The severity of penalties for homosexuality in these countries range from paying fines to the death penalty. Imprisonment is a common form of penalty, while corporal punishment is also imposed […]

The They/Them Project: An Interview with Brent Dundore

What is the “They/Them Project”? The “They/Them Project” was created for individuals who currently or formally use they/them/theirs and other non-binary pronouns, offering a platform for them to tell their stories and give personal insight […]

A Word In Edgewise: Coming Attractions

We like to believe that humanity is the apex of everything, and that’s perhaps true, if “true” means the ability to use our technology to consume every other thing on the planet without compunction. We […]

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