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Cleric Jeffrey John Allegedly Denied Promotion In The Church Because Of Sexuality

Pink News reports that gay cleric Jeffrey John has said that the Anglican church has denied him a promotion because of his sexuality. Read the full story from Pink News 

Texas A&M’s First Openly Gay Student Body President To Take Office

The Texas Tribune reports that Texas A&M University’s first openly gay student body president is set to take office next month, marking a milestone for the largest public university in the state. Read the full story […]

Duterte Opposes Gay Marriage In Philippines, Reversing Campaign Pledge

The New York Times reports that the Philippines will not legalize same-sex marriage anytime soon, President Rodrigo Duterte has said, reversing a campaign promise in which he pledged to support legislation to allow gay unions. […]

Power Rangers First Openly Gay Screen Superhero

The Guardian reports that Power Rangers is set to become the first major superhero film to feature an openly gay protagonist. Read the full story from The Guardian 

YouTube Responds To Criticism Of LGBTQ Video ‘Blocking’

The BBC reports that YouTube has released a statement after criticism over videos discussing LGBTQ topics like dating and attraction being hidden on the site. Read the full story from the BBC

Regulars Stopped Going To This Man’s Café After Finding Out He Is Gay

Pink News reports that a cafe owner in Cairns, Australia, has revealed that his regular customers stopped visiting his business after finding out he is gay. Read the full story from Pink News 

Incoming Chick-fil-A Draws Concerns Of Some St. Louis Park Residents

The Star Tribune reports that five years ago, Chick-fil-A was involved in a major controversy over statements made by the fast-food company that many felt were hostile to those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or […]

Man Fighting For His Life After Being Punched Outside London Gay Bar Admiral Duncan

GayStarNews reports that a 39-year-old man is fighting for his life after being hit outside London gay bar Admiral Duncan. Read the full story from GayStarNews

Politician Demands All HIV Positive People Are Put On Watchlist

GayStarNews reports that a German politician is demanding all HIV positive people are put on a national watchlist – without their consent. Read the full story from GayStarNews 

Hero Cop Who Danced His Way Into Our Hearts At Pride Dies Of 9/11-Related Cancer

LGBTQNation reports that NYPD Officer Michael Hance, who made headlines two years ago for twerking at a Pride parade, has died of brain cancer at age 44. Read the full story from LGBTQNation 

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