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Skirting the Issues: Sensei

Talk about serendipity. It was a hot, steamy Friday in early August, 2006, in Cedar Rapids. Still presenting as a crew cut man with glasses then, I wore a suit that day — Mr. Lawyer […]


Skirting the Issues: Bathrooms and Boardrooms

There are two kinds of rooms where business gets done: bathrooms and boardrooms. This is about both. As I pen this column in mid-March, there are at least four state legislatures debating bills that would […]


Skirting the Issues: House Tranny

I recently heard from a reader who thought I had unfairly characterized a transgender activist. At the end of the email, the reader stated, “(Y)ou don’t usually deal with any controversial issues, especially those related […]


Skirting the Issues: The Real Tipping Point

This column-writing business is tricky: the lead for submitting a proposed piece is about five weeks, which means that if I’m trying to write something timely, there’s always a chance that superseding events will come […]


Skirting the Issues: Light Speed

As much as I detest them, it’s time for one of those end-of-the-year retrospectives/look forward pieces. Actually, I shouldn’t whine: 2014 was quite a year for us transgender folks, maybe even our best year yet. […]


Skirting the Issues: Emily’s Gift

I’ve been telling people for weeks I already have this year’s Christmas present, that I don’t need a single other thing. In fact, I’m actually good for the rest of my life; I won’t want […]


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Ellen Krug

Forget about all of those lakes—it’s true, Minnesota’s also home to 10,000 nonprofits! This Christmas, instead of hoping for a new set of wheels or piece of funky furniture, I thought I’d create a wish […]


Skirting The Issues: TGDOR

In a week—on November 20—it will be Transgender Day of Remembrance, the annual day to honor trans people who’ve been killed because of their gender identity. I’ll be in Kansas City on November 20 to […]


Skirting the Issues: The Scolding Voice

It was a Friday evening with three girlfriends over takeout pizza, chips, and wine. One topic of conversation? Men. More specifically, how some men abuse women and how women “let” it happen. It’s the story […]


Skirting The Issues: Transgender Search Authority

I absolutely hate airports and flying. More specifically, it’s really the TSA—what I call the “Transgender Search Authority”—which I detest. Trust me, many trans folk will immediately know what I’m talking about. Mind you, it’s […]

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