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By Lavender July 3, 2008

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Treasures of Hope

Fashion is rumored to be fun and frivolous, an expression of our own personal vision of heaven. The power of fashion has transformed many of us from dull and tired to glamorous and exciting.

What if the power of fashion could save lives? What if it could spare your girlfriend, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, or life partner?

Whoever you are—wherever you reside—you no doubt have been touched by the ugliness of breast cancer. Women who have been challenged by this disease often feel powerless. Those who find themselves with inadequate or no health insurance face twice the devastation.

What if your time, talents, and treasures could obliterate breast cancer? What if the joy of shopping for designer fashions could overcome the disease, ultimately unlocking the treasure of hope?

The good news is that by sharing your time, your talents, and your designer treasures, breast cancer could become a disease of the past.

Even better news for you fashionistas, you can spend your moolah on Prada, Gucci, and Versace, and know for every dollar spent, your closet smiles, and your heart is opened.

Above all of our cognitive reasoning is something so pure and genuine about the simple act of helping someone who is suffering. Inspiration is derived from emotion. Fashion is emotion in its purest form.

I would be willing to bet my three Lhasa Apsos at least one of you readers will disagree that shopping for designer fashions can emote inspirational feelings and emotions. You are just going to have to buy your own puppy—because I am going to put up a fight about this one.

The day was a gorgeous Minnesota summer morning. After dropping off the week’s tape at The CW, I was pretty darn full of myself.

My show is celebrating 13 years on the air with a brand-spanking-new time slot on Saturday nights following Sex and The City. My baby survived cable access land for eight years—Sunday Morning snooze fests and late-night reruns. This summer, my creation is following four of this decade’s biggest fashion icons—The Sex and The City Foursome—on Network TV.

I was giddy. The tape arrived with three minutes to spare for the station deadline—so, technically it was early). I decided to drop by one of my favorite Tawnja’s Treasures fashion hotspots, The Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Outlet Store on in St. Paul.

As I surveyed the vast selection of designer shoes, handbags, and donated designer fashions, I casually picked up one of the brochures. It stopped me cold.

My favorite bargain-hunting paradise was so much more than my pea-sized brain ever had processed. The Hope Chest for Breast Cancer provides a comprehensive plan that allows each of us to heal our world—ultimately unlocking the treasure of hope. So, a place fulfilling our need to shop for designer furniture and fashions actually could help our sisters.

Tell a friend. Invite a friend. Clean out your designer closet quarterly. Volunteer. Talk about the store within your circles. Visit www.hopechestforcancer.org.

You will discern your calling the day you decide helping one of God’s children isn’t for somebody else—it’s divinely intended for you!

As I always say, God loves all his children—especially the ones who donate their Prada, Gucci, and Versace to kick breat cancer’s ass!

Visit www.Tawnja.com to take that first Jimmy Choo step!

4 Responses to Tawnja’s Treasures

  1. Sue Jacobson says:

    Hi Tawnja:

    I have volunteered at the Hope Chest for Breast Cancer for almost two years now, and I appreciate so much your attention to “our” shop. (I am also a breast cancer survivor.) The Hope Chest is also one of the best kept secrets in St. Paul. With your help, perhaps we can change that. The only other thing that would be better than your above article, would be a live shot on your show. I understand your show is just great! Keep up the good work. Come see us at the Hope Chest. Thank you, Tawnja!

  2. Susanna Franklin-Hope Chest for Breastg Cancer floor manager says:

    Hello Tawnya,
    I am so impressed with your article about the Hope Chest. You are a fantastic writer, and we so appreciate you covering the store. However the URL address is incorrectly stated as .org and should read .us-could you possibly post a correction?
    Susanna Franklin

  3. Susanna Franklin says:

    I wanted to clarify the Hope Chest wbsite address-www.hopechestforbreastcancer.org or http://www.hopechest.us.
    Thanks again-
    Susanna Franklin
    Hope Chest for Breast Cancer
    Floor Manager

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