Q Puzzle: “Uno River Runs Through It”

By Lavender December 4, 2008

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1 Taylor of Six Feet Under
5 They’re pretty straight on the Kinsey Scale
9 Kate Clinton’s “___ in Joyland”
14 Tyson Gay statement?
15 NCAA home of the Bruins
16 Shelley Duvall role in Popeye
17 “___ the grass in the fields…”: Whitman
18 Kipling’s Rikki-tikki-___
19 Pester, as Albert to Armand
20 Butch name for a blues singer?
23 Rene Auberjonois on Deep Space Nine
24 Would-be master’s test
25 Place for porking?
26 A Brit soldier may shoot it off
27 One who may take a tumble
31 Family Guy and American Dad creator MacFarlane
33 “Come again?”
34 Tops a cupcake
36 Make into balls
40 Have a date with a woman who doesn’t date men?
44 Gay former NFL player Tuaolo
45 Longs, to a Samurai?
46 ___ Miz
47 Mounts, to Maria von Trapp
50 One who doesn’t believe in the Divine Miss M?
52 Suck air
55 Patricia Highsmith, ___ Claire Morgan
57 Queer as Folk co-creator Cowen
58 Col. Cammermeyer’s onetime address
59 Online venue for discussing Ben Hur?
64 Shaft of a knight
66 Collette of Connie and Carla
67 River near Michelangelo’s David
68 Drag queen Joey
69 Do a nocturnal activity
70 Dying one in a Craig Lucas title
71 Get the ball rolling
72 “Nuts!”
73 Showboat’s “Nobody ___ But Me”

1 Neeson of Kinsey
2 La Douce role of Shirley
3 Bear’s hangout
4 Color of a “Girls” band
5 Promoting tolerance, e.g.
6 Trojans’ org.
7 Jonathan Rhys Meyers title role
8 Peter and Mary
9 Like an erection?
10 Home of T. Bankhead
11 Homophobe, for one
12 Give the slip to
13 Place atop
21 Like the path of Uranus
22 Queer body part on TV
26 Femme’s Guide to the Universe author Rednour
27 Words of woe, to the Bard
28 Sticks in a bar?
29 Syngman of Korea
30 Ball holder
32 Like some WNBA fouls
35 Professional voyeur?
37 Where you can eat a hero
38 Treats as a sexual object
39 Head-turner
41 Hazard for Sheehan
42 Breakfast on Pluto actor Stephen
43 Mass openings
48 “Poppycock!”
49 Rudy Galindo, for one
51 Piss off
52 Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, and such
53 Like unhappy lovers, maybe
54 Rutstein of Disappear Fear
56 Emanation from Feniger’s kitchen
59 Camelot’s “___ Moi”
60 Pt. of B.D. Wong
61 Type of stimulation
62 Bottoms’ description of tops?
63 Marilyn Monroe facial feature
65 The Batmobile, e.g.

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