Q Puzzle: “C’est Si Bong”

By Lavender September 25, 2008

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1 Bit of salt, for Stephen Pyles
5 Hayes of Will & Grace reruns
9 Like an ACT UP protester
14 Wine region of Michelangelo’s land
15 Isle of exile in Brando’s Desiree
16 Word that may follow sperm or organ
17 Lindsay Lohan’s ___ Girls
18 Santa’s got a long one
19 Make up
20 Well-endowed barbarian?
23 Caligula’s arts
24 Composer Copland
25 Billie Jean’s successor?
29 “Nuts!”
33 Bonehead
34 Time for cowboys to shoot off
35 Tinkerbell, e.g.
36 Bi plus mono
37 R.E.M.’s former record label
38 Gay pickup spot
40 He knocked out many men
41 Joan of Arc keepsake
43 City where Dick Button won gold
44 Number of gay men under a centurian?
45 Place of the first fig-leaf codpiece
46 Mild oath of a metrosexual?
49 Cross-dressing Twelfth Night character
51 Earhart’s medium
52 Member that needs no lube?
57 Flies like a falcon
58 Fruit cover
59 “___ do anything better than you”
61 Rainbow maker
62 Suffix with prefer
63 Chip’s partner
64 Up ___ (with one’s ass in a sling)
65 Stag party?
66 It’ll spice up your meat


1 Lesbian’s latex
2 Where to find Moby Dick
3 9 inches, e.g.
4 Prick one’s curiosity about
5 Has a bottom line of
6 East of Eden director Kazan
7 You can do it to avoid sexually transmitted disease
8 Lane of The Producers
9 My Own Private ___
10 The Capitol dome is its top
11 Soon, to Shakespeare
12 Half of a pair for grabbing
13 It may come before long
21 Queer, in a way
22 Work unit
25 Part of a cathedral name in gay Paree
26 Follower of lop or dog
27 Dossier about Uranus?
28 Cold-cocks
30 Gay rodeo accessory
31 The Wizard of Oz scorer Harold
32 Active in B and D
35 Like pansies, perhaps?
38 Biter of Marc Antony’s girlfriend
39 Poisonous bush
42 How Countee Cullen wrote
43 Like a rainbow of colors
46 First note sound, in The Sound of Music
47 Oscar Wilde’s partner Douglas
48 “Tin men” of sci-fi
50 “C’est Moi,” to Lancelot
52 Legal wrong
53 Film exposing Treat Williams
54 Fairy tale start
55 Trojans’ org.
56 Balls of brass
57 Cruising area
60 Where to find lesbianation.com

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