Q Puzzle: “…And the Winner Is…”

By Lavender November 20, 2008

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1 Start of a song from South Pacific
5 Material from Sylvia Beach?
9 Pricks cover them
14 Soon, to Shakespeare
15 Protected, to seamen
16 Up partner
17 Amsterdam’s land (abbr.)
18 His brother laid him in his grave
19 Works the shaft
20 Openly gay Connecticut state legislator
23 Use a gifted tongue
24 Be in bed, maybe
25 Gay Games cry
28 Jump for Doug Mattis
32 Liberace piece, perhaps
34 Openly gay California assemblyman
39 Where to see Little Britain
40 About Uranus?
41 Louganis, for one
43 Not much
44 Mothers, to Verlaine
46 Openly gay secretary of state of Oregon
48 Main dish
50 Spamalot review, perhaps
51 Mattachine org.
52 Gardner of Show Boat
54 Pop singer Cleo
59 Openly gay Oakland City Council member
64 One of the Village People
66 “Baby Doll” band
67 “It’s all in your ___” (Noodle slogan)
68 Had sex with
69 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry
70 Peruvian friend of Maya Angelou?
71 Voyeurs, e.g.
72 Result of getting rear-ended
73 Cabinet div.

1 Instrument strummed in Mame
2 What you might lend Marc Antony
3 Loads of
4 ___ water (imperiled at the bathhouse?)
5 Swedish import
6 Sin City star Jessica
7 Not even once, to Dickinson
8 Greek triangle
9 Musical in which Julie Andrews played a queen
10 Small amount in a stallion’s mouth?
11 Female with a low voice
12 Election da. for Tammy Baldwin
13 “___ De-Lovely”
21 Biweekly tide
22 Lily for Colette
26 Words on Mary Bonauto’s shingle
27 Contemporary of Schubert
29 Made a mark in Hollywood Squares
30 The Phantom of the Opera’s name
31 Burton of Star Trek
33 Songwriter Holly
34 Urban Cowboy director Bridges
35 Bridge bid, briefly
36 “The Bridge” poet
37 Glenn Burke, formerly
38 Chicago’s Catherine ___-Jones
42 Prepare to drag
45 Where sailors sleep with their first mates?
47 Ed Wood role
49 Ensler of The Vagina Monologues
53 Needed some BenGay
55 One that sucks some sap
56 The L Word creator Chaiken
57 Org. chaired by gay-supportive Julian Bond
58 Come as far as
60 “If ___ I Would Leave You”
61 Shore opening
62 Ball of film and TV
63 Cain’s “closet” role
64 Tiny balls
65 Norma McCorvey, aka Jane ___

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