NeverStraight.com Gives Back to GLBT Community

By Lavender December 2, 2010

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Based in the Twin Cities, recently-established NeverStraight.com is the GLBT community’s largest adult superstore, offering shoppers convenient online access to 18,000-plus products that can be shipped discreetly to them.

As the NeverStraight.com website explains, “The term ‘straight,’ to us, has become synonymous with the hatred and injustice that are unbridled in our society today. That is why we are Never Straight.”

According to the website, NeverStraight.com strongly is committed to equality for the GLBT community: “You can simply call us Fair-Minded. That term brings new meaning to the idea that we are all equal. Our petty differences aside, we are all born on this earth free. No man, woman, or child should be denied the civil rights bestowed upon others simply because of sexual orientation or identity. Marriage, among other things, is not a privilege reserved for some. It’s a right, and it belongs to everyone—period.”

Putting words into action, NeverStraight.com gives back to the GLBT community, stating on its website, “NeverStraight.com is a business, but we have philanthropy at the vanguard of our directive. We not only wish to open doors to the community by first supporting it, but also we will hold the doors open by laying down a foundation where equality for all is our cornerstone.”

Indeed, through January 1, NeverStraight.com is donating 100 percent of its profits to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in the spirit of equality. What’s more, when customers enter the coupon code “EQUALITY” upon checkout at NeverStraight.com, they will receive an additional 10 percent off their purchase, besides helping HRC fight for our rights.

In the future, NeverStraight.com plans to continue donating a percentage of all sales to GLBT organizations.

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