Minneapolis Police Department Needs Your Help in HIV Criminal Case

By Lavender April 8, 2010

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Daniel James Rick. Photo Provided by Minneapolis Police Department

Lavender is running this public service announcement at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Daniel James Rick, who often goes by “D.J.,” age 29, has been diagnosed HIV-positive since 2006. Now in custody, he has been charged with crimes in two separate incidents:

• Offense (on or about February 5, 2010): one count of Assault in the Third Degree—Knowing Transfer of Communicable Disease.

• Offense (on or about October 15, 2009): two counts of Assault in the Third Degree—Knowing Transfer of Communicable Disease.

The first offense involved one victim, while the second offense involved two other victims, one of whom subsequently tested HIV-positive. In both incidents, Rick allegedly engaged in unprotected sex with the victims, failing to inform them of his HIV-positive status.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, four additional possible victims have come forward with information about encounters with Rick. The police believe other possible victims remain to be heard from.

Rick apparently would cruise Internet sites—specifically, Manhunt.net, Gay.com, and Adam4Adam.com—using the online handle “skyfire2be”. He also was known to frequent the Saloon bar at 830 Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis.

Anyone with further information about Rick is urged to contact Sgt.
David Mattson of the Minneapolis
Police Department at (612) 673-2358.

3 Responses to Minneapolis Police Department Needs Your Help in HIV Criminal Case

  1. Jon says:

    I don’t want to be rude in saying this but as the leader of local gay media, I was disappointed to not see much on this site after the story broke on WCCO and Star Tribune’s website. I found this story on both websites. I contacted the Minneapolis Crime Blog that a woman who goes by Margaret runs (mplscrimeblog.blogspot.com or something) and she was very proactive in getting the message out to residents in Minneapolis – gay or not. What I would like to see with Lavender – and this is just constructive criticism – is a ‘wall’ where we could leave messages like that (of course inappropriate messages should be removed, etc) but I was hoping to see a breaking news story on this site becuase when you think of it, the gay community in Minneapolis (and Minnesota) is still a very small percentage of people. When there’s one or two people out there knowingly infecting people, it doesn’t take long for one to three cases turn into thirty or forty. We need to remain vigilant on this issue becuase while HIV is not the death sentence it once was, we still have no idea what the future holds. What if the current drugs fail to work someday? What if there are no new discoveries for a long period of time? What if there’s not much money left to do the research needed to find new drugs/treatments? Please look into a way to make this site more interactive for gay/lesbian Minnesotans to best utilize this site to get the information they need. Thank you!

  2. Jon Hartman says:

    This is disturbing. Mr. Rick was clearly wrong not to have disclosed his status. But anyone who engages in unsafe sex makes a conscious choice to do so. Retroactively blaming one’s partner for one’s own choice is simply cowardly.

    Also, the last I heard, in this country, people were innocent until proven guilty. Is it fair for the Police Department to be plastering the defendant’s name (and picture) in the media without even mentioning the plaintiff?

    I’m disappointed in Lavender Magazine for participating in this witch hunt.

  3. Having HIV is not a crime. criminalizing it is.

    It’s appalling that you ran this story. It’s more appalling that you haven’t retracted it.

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