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March on the Capitol

Excellent—Bradley Traynor, you hit the nail on the head with your “Perspective” piece “It’s Just Plain Wrong” [Lavender, May 21]. The Republicans also campaigned on less government involvement in people’s lives, but that apparently doesn’t pertain to GLBT people.

It is time that the GLBT community stood up to these idiots with a very loud and clear message: “We are as mad as hell, and we are not going to take this kind of treatment anymore.”

The Stonewall Riots started the GLBT movement, and it is clearly the time to raise our voices and actions loudly once again.

If all GLBT folks stopped paying taxes, they might be inclined to hear us. The GLBT community must come together and march on the Capitol—United in Pride.

It is a huge sacrifice for GLBT folks to take off work, and gather at the Capitol, but now is the time. If we sit back now, we take a giant step back for equality and inclusiveness.

Who will lead us into battle?

Harry Hartigan

Constitutional Amendment Unnecessary

So, now it’s official. Our holy and sanctimonious state has upheld its morals by passing a bill that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would prevent gays and lesbians from marrying each other. I guess it wasn’t enough that Minnesota law already bans gay marriage in this holier-than-thou state.

So, I guess this means we’ll have to continue to marry people of the opposite sex.

This “defense of marriage” is so unnecessary, because, after all, even a constitutional amendment isn’t going to stop interested married men from sleeping with us.

John Medeiros

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2 Responses to Letters

  1. Jonathan says:

    I empathize with both letter writers here. I wish I still had the idealist views that I once did when it came to the gay community. Unfortunately, years of watching so many things over and over, combined with seeing so many gay people never learning from their actions, causes me to conclude that most of us aren’t developing the social skills or ability to even date someone long term, much less find anyone to marry. There are some who do, and we remind people of this – that number is very small. We are still a very anonymous community, the gay one, one that has little interest in each other, and one that often rejects, demonizes and insults one another. We haven’t done very well when it came time to respect other gay people, we haven’t been honest in our relationships, and when the relationships do enter a grey area, we run rather than work it out. Someone once said you have to learn how to crawl before you walk. In terms of dating, straight people get the nod form society on having those ‘crawling relationships’ during adolescence that gay people don’t. Many of us never even get a crawling relationships at all…I just feel like so many of us are overconfident that legalizing marriage will fix everything – sure, it’s long overdue, but we have so much to learn when it comes to dating skills and finding someone – why we choose the partners we do, why they don’t seem to work. We need these discussions. Because as time goes on, I see fewer and fewer gay men out and about – everyone’s hiding at home online. We already are lacking in social skills and experience. We absolutely need to be able to feel comfortable around other gay people in order to enjoy marriage someday.

  2. Seriously? You can’t both disrespect and invalidate our relationships and then accuse us of not being able to maintain them. That’s what familial and societal support is all about. If we can’t be allowed to make vows with the full implication of those vows (i.e., how they affect family, and friends, and society), we can’t be accused of not keeping them. It’s just not fair play.

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