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By Lavender April 8, 2010

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Spring has sprung at STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts™ at styledlook® recommend the easiest, most versatile way to freshen your wardrobe: spring scarves! It’s the can’t-live-without accessory for men and women.

From left to right:

Can’t decide on a color? Get them all in this visionary Valentino $278

This burnt-out stole smolders with fashion possibilities $68

Pucci – a timeless classic for modern times $158

You can’t miss with a Missoni print! $298

Versace silk dressing scarf is perfect in purple $138
With over 150 different styles, STYLEDLIFE® has the best selection of designer and fashion scarves in town, bar none.

Stop in to STYLEDLIFE®, get a sexy scarf and let our wardrobe experts teach you new ways of tying & wearing your new favorite
accessory. Or, check out our YouTube demonstrations at www.youtube.com/user/styledlook and practice at home with a scarf you
already own.

Live your Best Life… your STYLEDLIFE!
Allison Werthmann-Radnich

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