Political Health – Vote for a Checkup

Politics and health always seem to be tricky things to figure out and follow. How does one choose the right health-care plan? What does DFL mean? Red; blue; Green Party? Deductibles and copays. It’s no wonder most people just avoid them to the best of their abilities.
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It does seem odd to start an article on health insurance by referencing the Bible, but the case can be made that there are parallels to Jeremiah 8:11 (“Peace, peace, ‘But there is no peace’”) with the chant that seems to come from the presidential campaign trail when voters are asked what their concerns are: “Health care, health care, but there is no health care…or at least any that’s affordable”.
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Finding Religion

As a relative newcomer to the Twin Cities (though no stranger to the Midwest, stereotyped as the “land of churches and bars”), I’ve been absolutely floored by the abundance of progressive GLBT-welcoming faith communities in the area. In many parts of the country, progressive or inclusive religious institutions are unheard of; in much of the United States, religion and visions of social justice for GLBT people are held to be mutually exclusive.
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Welcome to the Lavender Yellow Pages Edition

Lavender Media, publisher of Lavender Magazine, welcomes the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as our nonprofit partner in the 2008 edition of Minnesota’s prize-winning GLBT Lavender Yellow Pages Edition. For the sixth consecutive year, we have created a rich directory of information that will benefit Minnesota’s GLBT community.

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Color Me — Everything!

“By the time I was 3 years old, I had personified all the crayons in my 24-count box of Crayolas. I was convinced that individual colors would feel slighted if I didn’t use each crayon equally.”

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Minnesota Eats Up The World

There are a few generalizations you can make about Minnesotans that are almost always true: We will complain bitterly about the weather, even though we know in our hearts there is nothing we can do about it; we have a smug confidence that our way of doing things is better than, say, the way it is done in Iowa; and we like to eat. And the increasing diversity of the community means that an exotic evening out doesn’t mean picking up chow mien anymore. From Turkish delights to Mongolian entrées to the cuisine of different American regions, Minnesota dinning can be as varied as you want it to be. And if you just want a plate of comfort food? You can get that, too.

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Coffee 101

It’s always been a mystery to me why that old 40’s standard, the “Java Jive”, is sung so slowly. Certainly after “a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, boy”, I think it would be impossible not to pick up the pace. God bless the hallowed bean for that—for its wonderfully indecent effects on the human body. But coffee is not just a sweet, sweet addiction, it’s our first pleasure of the day, a moment to ourselves when we can gear up for all of the obscenities incarnate life plans to serve. And where one takes his or her daily joe is as important as the brew itself.

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The Donut vs. The Bagel

With the surge of coffee, or perhaps better phrased, explosion of the coffee scene, the popularity of its side, the donut, has also surged. While only a few people still try to order “just a coffee,” people have expanded beyond the donut and started buying bagels. But which one goes best with coffee?

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Sports play an enor-mous role in Twin Cities culture. GLBT spectators can choose from a virtual rainbow of athletic options: the Minnesota Vikings, Wild, Thunder, Twins, Timberwolves, and Lynx compete against each other for the entertainment dollars of sports fans, but many members of our rainbow team would rather play than watch. And the Twin Cities have options a-plenty for them, as well.

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“I Married an Infant Arachnid” Professional Wrestler Tommy “The SpiderBaby” Saturday

You have my solemn word as a bad guy professional wrestler that the story I am about to tell you is absotively, posilutely true.

After I earned my first title—the Northern Lights Wrestling Midwest Heavyweight Championship—on August 19, 2007, I named the belt Ramon Wladziu Furter Clemont. Then, still dripping with the sweet sweat of salty victory, I bounded upon the Lisa Marie II and took the red eye to Vancouver where a Unitarian minister with an antiquated crew cut and an absolutely fetching underbite performed an emergency marriage ceremony.

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