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Quatrefoil Library Donates Books to Pittsburgh GLBT Library

Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul, one of the oldest GLBT lending libraries in the world, is donating more than 3,000 books to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center (GLCC) Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Last fall, the Quatrefoil Board of Directors realized the library had reached maximum capacity to house its collection. In order to provide additional space for new books and other media, the board decided to donate a large selection of second copies of books. Instead of selling or discarding the books, many of which are hard to find, the board voted to donate them to another GLBT lending library. Read the rest of this entry »


Advocates Censorship

It comes as no surprise to anyone with their eyes open in LGBT communities that we have once again become one of the targets of the tobacco industry. By accepting tobacco industry ads, Lavender has become part of that industry’s long, dark history of deception.

One of the tragedies of the campaign is that it is yet another effort by big tobacco to exploit our communities’ passion for personal freedom and choice.

I know Lavender is a business, and that advertising revenue is key to the success of that business. But just as you would never accept an ad from a known homophobic organization, so should you refuse to accept advertising from the tobacco industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Lavender Debuts Exciting Changes!

As Lavender approaches the beginning of our 17th year of serving the Twin Cities and surrounding GLBT community in May, we’re debuting exciting changes with this issue. You’ll notice a host of new things we’re unveiling with you, our readers and advertisers, in mind.

• Lavender now has shorter, more relevant and compelling editorial content, with enhanced design and more photos. Our two-page Calendar, which has briefer listings to fill you in on more of what’s going on around town, includes events formerly in the Bar Calendar.

• Lavender now has expanded coverage in a number of areas. Wanda Wisdom gives you the latest dish in “Bits and Pieces.” Justin Jones provides a unique view on the social scene in “Sugar & Spice.” Brian Cheese returns to bring you the latest in GLBT sports. “Leather Life,” by Steve Lenius, appears more often. Watch for more new offerings soon, such as gardening tips by Scott Endres starting in our April 21 issue.

• Lavender welcomes input and ideas from everyone in our community. We invite you to participate in our Reader Survey at As always, your opinion counts!

The Girl with the Violet Eyes: Elizabeth Taylor

Back in the day, folks took their star fix from radios and cold print: film mags like Photoplay, Screen Fan, Movie Star Parade, Motion Picture, and Movie Life.

Back in the day, print was the juiciest source of gossip, the true gen on the glitterati, though TV had wedged a foot in the door.

Back in the day—in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll confess—I was less than a decade younger than the most glamorous of them all, the girl with the violet eyes: Elizabeth Taylor. Read the rest of this entry »

A Chicky Booby a Day Helps Keep the Fat Rolls Away

People always ask me how I maintain my man-girlish figure. In addition to countless hours flying on a big box at The Firm, I try to eat pretty healthily, too. One of my secrets is to make meals for the week in advance, so I don’t end up eating whatever fat-laden fast food ends up at my fingertips.

Chicky boobies are a staple in my boudoir pantry, and chicky booby salad is one of my favorites. Here’s my brand-new basic recipe. It’s meant to make enough lunches for a week for two people. If that’s too much, just halve it. Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Reflection

According to the New Testament, late one Sunday afternoon in the spring of the year, two of Jesus’ followers were walking along a road to the little village of Emmaus. They were deeply discouraged. They had lost everything they valued two days earlier when he was killed.

Jesus once had promised that if anything happened to him, they shouldn’t give up. “Keep going,” he said. He would be back three days later. It was now the third day. (CH Dodd, The Leader, page 13) Read the rest of this entry »

OutFront Minnesota Coordinates Lobby Day for LGBT Equality

Several thousand are expected to participate in this annual event that connects

constituents with legislators to further GLBT equality.

During Lobby Day for LGBT Equality on April 14 at the State Capitol in St. Paul, OutFront Minnesota will facilitate meetings between state legislators and their constituents to promote GLBT rights, while motivating the GLBT community and its supporters to get involved and be heard.

Monica Meyer, who began with OutFront Minnesota as Public Policy Director in 2001, and became Executive Director in 2010, says, “What Lobby Day does is that it really helps us let legislators, elected officials who make decisions on policies, know that people in their district support equality.” Read the rest of this entry »

Big Gay News

WWE Partners With GLAAD Over Wrestler’s Antigay Tirade

Following antigay statements by wrestler John Cena, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced that it is partnering with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to create and promote an antibullying initiative aimed at the young men who make up the organization’s core audience.

Fort Worth Pays in Gay Bar Raid

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Fort Worth City Council approved a $400,000 settlement with Chad Gibson, who claimed he was the victim of excessive force by Fort Worth Police and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission during a controversial 2009 raid on a local gay bar.

Harassed Dutch Gay Couple Sues Authorities

According to Radio Netherlands, a gay couple is suing the Dutch city of Utrecht for failing to protect them from continual vandalism and harassment. They say authorities didn’t take adequate action following the couple’s eight police reports going back to 2009.

Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Dies with No Final Vote

The Associated Press reports that Maryland’s House failed to pass same-sex legislation after Democratic legislators were unable to garner enough votes to overcome opposition by Republicans and religious groups.

Maupin Shocked at Aussie “Real Men” Jibe

According to Agence France-Presse, author and activist Armistead Maupin said he was shocked after a bartender in Australia told Maupin’s partner that the men’s restroom was “reserved for real men.” The couple was at Bojangles restaurant in Alice Springs, Australia, when Christopher Turner, who married Maupin in 2007, was refused entry to the restroom.

Outed City Council Candidate Outs Rival

The Montrose Patch reports that Glendale, California, City Council candidate Mike Mohill revealed that he previously was arrested for having gay sex in public. Mohill, who has been married to his wife since 1977, says he is a happily-married gay man. He then went on to state that his opponent, John Drayman, is “reputed to be gay himself.”

US Senate Hearing for Gay Judicial Nominee

According to United Press International, US Senator Chuck Schumer presided over a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for openly-gay federal judge candidate J. Paul Oetken. Schumer said he was “shocked” that no openly-gay men currently are serving as federal judges in the United States.

Straight New York Teen Killed by Attackers Yelling Antigay Slurs

Gothamist reports that 18-year-old Anthony Collao, who was not gay, was beaten and stomped to death by four men allegedly yelling antigay slurs during the attack, which took place at a birthday party thrown by two gay men in New York City. The teens have been arraigned on charges of manslaughter and assault.

Isle of Man Gay Couples Get Right to Civil Partnerships

According to the BBC, gay couples on the Isle of Man have received the right to enter into civil partnerships. The new law was signed by the country’s parliament. The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new legislation grants same-sex couples the same rights as married couples in matters of inheritance, pensions and tax allowances.

Remafedi Says “Gay Cure” App Misinterprets His Research reports that Dr. Gary Remafedi, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, and Director of the Youth and AIDS Project, claims his research was misinterpreted in an Apple iPhone app by the antigay organization Exodus International. He sent a letter to Apple demanding that the so-called “gay cure” app be removed, saying it “erroneously cites my research in support of claims that homosexuality can be changed….Associating my work with that of the ex-gay ministry and other unfounded treatments is professionally injurious and grievous.” Exodus International responded to controversy over the app by stating, “In no way, shape, or form is our message about trying to cure, or do we try to promote that type of methodology or message. Really, the point of the application is to provide the material that is also on our website in smartphone format….” Apple since has pulled the app from the app store.

Next Fall Centers on Gay Love Story

If you’re a GLBT person interested in having relationships work with people different than you, then make a beeline to the Jungle Theater, where playwright Geoffrey Naufft’s Next Fall—a Broadway hit in 2009—now enjoys its first area production. The Broadway staging, presented by Sir Elton John and his life partner, David Furnish, was Tony-nominated for Best Play.

Next Fall explores the gay love story of Luke (Neal Skoy), a fundamentalist Christian, and Adam (Garry Geikken), an atheist. Luke never has come out to his family. So, when fate brings his relatives into the picture, a lot that was hidden for his gay relationship’s five-year duration surfaces. Read the rest of this entry »

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