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Lavender’s Out at the Movies Screens Children of God

What a double feature! Start out with Lavender’s First Thursday, and continue with Lavender’s Out at the Movies. Both take place on April 7 at the stunning ShowPlace Icon Theatre, just off Highways 100 and 394 in St. Louis Park.

Lavender’s Out at the Movies screens Children of God (2009), a critically-acclaimed film by Bahamian writer-director Kareem Mortimer. Its theme is rampant homophobia in Caribbean society.

In the film, the fates of three very different individuals converge on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Johnny (Johnny Ferro), a white Bahamian art student, violently is abused by black Bahamians. He has an unexpected romance with Romeo (Stephen Tyrone Williams), a black Bahamian man. Meanwhile, Lena (Margaret Laurena Kemp), the homophobic, deeply-religious wife of a virulently antigay pastor who secretly has sex with men, finds her marriage unraveling.

This remarkable film will shock you to the very core with its startling conclusion.

Lavender’s First Thursday
Apr. 7
5:30-8 PM
Lavender’s Out at the Movies
Apr. 7
Doors Open 6 PM
Movie Screens 7:30 PM
ShowPlace ICON Theatre
1625 West End Blvd., St. Louis Park

Queer As Folks

Corley Is Minnesota AIDS Project Interim Executive Director

Kathleen H. Corley steps into the position of Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP) Interim Executive Director on March 28. She will oversee operations of the agency, plus assist the Board of Directors as it searches for a new Executive Director. She brings to the organization a broad-based understanding of nonprofit operations, particularly in times of transition.

Mall of America Receives Spirit of Hospitality Award

On March 13, at the Bloomington Convention & Visitor’s gala, the Mall of America received the Spirit of Hospitality Award. It is given to a company that has made a significant contribution to the travel and hospitality industry, and embodies the spirit of commitment to the success and future of Minnesota and Bloomington as elite visitor destinations.

Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus Celebrates Three Fabulous Decades

The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus turns 30 this year, but who’s counting? Most important, beneath the numbers—the thousands of practice hours, the hundreds of concerts, the tens of years—lies the human bedrock: those who sing and those who embrace their song.

Gregory Wallin, a 10-year chorus member, recalls, “I attended the very first Twin Cities Men’s Chorus [“gay” was introduced in 1991] in concert at Heritage Hall in the Downtown Minneapolis Public Library in the spring of 1981 with my friend, David. We were inspired enough to want to join, and mustered up the nerve to audition by going together. Larry Whitely was the director, and after my audition, he said he needed basses. I said that was fine, and I was a member.” Read the rest of this entry »

Spinning Straub into Gold

When spring arrives in Milan, I imagine its entrance must be sudden and exuberant to inspire the looks one usually sees in Vogue. But something must happen to our fairest season as she ventures deep into our imposing continent. When she finally arrives here, she is demure, tentative. Though fashion designers everywhere must kowtow to international trend forecasters, this season’s predictions must have been inspired by someplace like home. Delicate details, muted colors, and youthful silhouettes are this year’s spring. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Gay News


Judge Dismisses Challenge to Same-Sex Marriage Barriers

The Star Tribune reports that in early March, Hennepin County District Court Judge Mary Dufresne dismissed a lawsuit that challenged legal barriers to same-sex marriage in Minnesota. She wrote in her opinion that “unless and until” the Minnesota Supreme Court overrules a 1971 decision limiting marriage to a man and a woman, or repeals the state Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), “same-sex marriage will not exist in this state.”


US House Counters Obama Administration by Defending DOMA

According to Agence France-Presse, the US House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, made up of three Republicans and two Democrats, voted along party lines in early March to defend in court the federal ban on same-sex marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Republican House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement, “This action by the House will ensure that this law’s constitutionality is decided by the courts, rather than by the President unilaterally.” The vote came after the Obama Administration announced it no longer would defend key parts of DOMA in court.

Prop 8 Sponsors Oppose Lifting Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The Associated Press reports that attorneys for the sponsors of California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state, are asking the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to keep the measure in place while considering its constitutionality. Plaintiffs in the case are requesting that the court let same-sex marriages resume in California while it hears the appeal.

Rainbow Families Conference Features Jamie Nabozny

In response to prominent suicides of GLBT students in Anoka County and Hennepin County, as well as nationwide, the local branch of the national Family Equality Council (FEC) has made bullying the focus of its 16th-annual Rainbow Families Conference on April 9 in Minneapolis.

According to Mel Rexroad, FEC Midwest Region Senior Manager, the event will be a time for current and prospective GLBT families, local educators, and allies to have fun and make friends, while bullying, an issue many GLBT youth face every day, is addressed through workshops and speakers. Read the rest of this entry »

The Story of Andrew Wilfahrt

One morning a couple weeks back, I stood at the bathroom mirror, mindlessly engaged in my morning ablutions. I love that word. Please use it in a sentence at some point in your day.

Anyway, there I stood, brushing my teeth, slowly entering consciousness, as the unruffled voice of Minnesota Public Radio calmly told me of the day’s news. I always listen to MPR in the morning. It’s kind of like a good friend. And, like a good friend, half the time, I’m not even listening to it, but its mere presence comforts me nonetheless. As often happens, a certain story will grab my attention, and bring me back to the land of the living. Read the rest of this entry »

Loring Theater Marks Tammy Faye’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

You probably have passed by the historic theater building at 1407 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. In 1920, it opened as a movie and vaudeville house. In the late 1950s, it became the Minneapolis Evangelistic Auditorium. In the 1980s, it was home to Cricket Theatre. In the 1990s, it was rechristened the Music Box Theatre. In 2008, the comedy smash Triple Espresso ended its amazing 12-year run there.

Director/producer Steve Barberio has revitalized the space by returning to its roots, as well as its original name, the Loring Theater. He honors its beginnings, while tapping in to present-day reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes in Store for Bingo A-GoGo

Come April 9, some big changes will take place, as Clare House passes the Bingo A-GoGo scepter—make that dauber—to the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (TCGMC), now celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Bingo Babe Lee Haugee, TCGMC Executive Director Jeff Heine, and Bingo Babe Shannon Regan recently spoke with Lavender concerning this tectonic shift. Read the rest of this entry »

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