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Hardline Mobile iPhone App

First To Offer Voice and Video Messaging

A new gay social networking tool offers robust capabilities, including access to users of Hardline’s phone chat system. First Media Group Inc. has launched Hardline Mobile, the first gay social networking application for the iPhone to include voice greetings, voice messaging, and video messaging. Hardline Mobile is a social networking tool that connects men locally and nationally for chat, friendship, sex, dating, and relationships.

Uniquely, Hardline Mobile allows users on the iPhone application to interact with the telephone-based Hardline Chat IVR (interactive voice response) system by sending and receiving voice messages. This feature provides access to hundreds of additional men for voice chat interactions. Hardline’s telephone systems receive approximately 6,000 calls daily.

Hardline Mobile solves a common complaint of social media users: the limitations of texting to convey the subtleties of emotion. With voice messaging, users hear every nuance for themselves, and with video messaging, users get the full package of sight and sound.

Additional features offered by Hardline Mobile are:

• Public profile, consisting of user name, picture, and status message.

• Search by location.

• Send Location maps—indicate GPS-generated location to other users.

• Send text, pictures, voice, and video to other users.

• Buddy List—a shortlist of other users of special interest.

• Blocking—ability to block other users.

• Message storage—messages received when offline are stored up to 14 days.

Features offered by Hardline’s telephone chat system include:

• XXX Chat Room—live, one-on-one phone chat with local men.

• National Chat—phone chat with men from across North America.

• Voice Personals—free to record or browse voice profiles.

• Buddy List—keep track of favorite callers.

• Text Alerts—Hardline sends a text message when your mailbox gets a new message.

• Choose from five lifestyle categories: Sexual Encounters, Friendship & Dating, Discreet Encounters, Alternative, and Groups.

For more information about Hardline, visit, and for more on Hardline Mobile,<mobile/id372825723?mt=8>.

Established more than 25 years ago, First Media Group Inc. is one of North America and the UK’s premier providers of voice chat dating services under brands such as Quest Personals™ covering 300-plus markets.

The Main Club Hosts Frisch Bear Art Attack

For one night only, July 14, The Main Club, 1217 Tower Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin, hosts Frisch Bear Art Attack. Fran Frisch enjoyed 40 formative years in Minnesota before moving to California in 1990 to become part of the rapidly emerging bear culture. He was the first to design, print, and sell a T-shirt for the bear community. His drawings have raised more than $60,000 for various charities worldwide. A founding member of the Bears of San Francisco, he was Mr. Palm Springs Bear 2009. For more information, visit

Fur For All Weekend Has Myriad Activities

It’s time again for the big summer bear run hosted by North Country Bears. Fun For All Weekend, which takes place July 23-25 at various Twin Cities metro venues, has a fun mix of events with something for everyone. This ayear, instead of a river cruise on Sunday that some could not attend, food is being provided for everyone to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Queer As Folks

Lee and Miller Take First Place in Lavender Win A Wedding Contest

Bernie Lee and Mark Miller recently took first place in the 2010 Lavender Win A Wedding Contest. They have been together since October 5, 2001, when they met while attending Rutgers University in New Jersey. Their ideal wedding would be at James Hill Library in St. Paul, with their Unitarian Universalist minister presiding. Read the rest of this entry »

Tangletown Garden and Art Tour Untangles Horticulture

Interview with Scott Endres

Scott Endres, co-owner with Dean Englemann of Tangletown Gardens in Minneapolis, took time from preparing his own garden to chat with Lavender about the Tangletown Garden and Art Tour on July 24. Read the rest of this entry »

An Afternoon in the Park

Pride Sunday, June 27, in Loring Park in Minneapolis was a gorgeous, sunny day, with great banks of cumulus clouds wreathing the Basilica of St. Mary, and a refreshing breeze bending the tall reeds growing thick beside the pond.

Throngs of Pride celebrators—hetero couples, same-sex couples, families of all stripes—strolled by the scores of rainbow-flag-bedecked booths, accumulating key chains, pens, and other goodies. Read the rest of this entry »

St. Croix Garden Tour

Tom DeGree of Wilde Roast Café Chairs the Event

Among the wonderful horticultural events happening in and around the environs of the Twin Cities is the annual St. Croix Garden Tour on July 17-18.

Simply by enjoying the beauty and floral abundance showcased in seven gardens, participants also will benefit FamilyMeans, a nonprofit organization that helps families in crisis.

Tom DeGree, Chair of the tour, is co-owner of Wilde Roast Café in Minneapolis with business and life partner Dean Schlaak. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Gay News

Local News

Edina City Council Approves Domestic Partner Registry

The Edina City Council voted unanimously in May to create a domestic partnership registry, becoming the first suburban municipality in Minnesota to do so. Gay and unmarried straight couples who share a home can pay a $25 fee to have their partnership recognized by the city. In addition, city employees who have a registered domestic partner will receive the same sick and bereavement leave rights as married employees. Edina is only the fourth city in Minnesota to have such a registry, after Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth. Read the rest of this entry »

Gay Order of Mychal

Local Acolytes Form GLBT-Friendly Religious Order

It began, as so many religious things do, with death. That is, the very first attributed to the terror attacks of 9/11/2001: the death of Father Mychal Judge.

The Catholic priest had been Chaplain of the New York Fire Department for nearly a decade. After the World Trade Center was hit by twin jetliners, he immediately made his way to Ground Zero to do what was needed.

Confuted by the carnage Judge witnessed upon entering the North Tower, he shouted Heavenward, “Jesus, please end this right now! God, please end this!” Read the rest of this entry »

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