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Fab 50 2009

Here are Lavender’s Fab 50: the people, places, businesses, organizations, and events that make the Twin Cities metro fabulous for the GLBT community. This year, a record 5,900-plus readers cast votes for favorites in each category. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s A Plaid, Plaid World

Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers
Best known for covering up cowboys and primping the preppies, plaid is in everyone’s good graces for fall ’09. Found in a multitude of patterns from buffalo to tartan, you can find a plaid this season that will fit in at any event. Make sure to choose fitted styles with fun extras like zippers or epaulets for an update that will take your look from lumberjack to “love it”! Read the rest of this entry »

Isn’t Fashion Fun

Welcome to our second season of STYLEDLIFE® and styledlook’s column “Isn’t Fashion Fun™.”

This bimonthly column is written for the loyal readers of Lavender by the wardrobe experts™ team at styledlook®. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Gay News

National News

Being Gay Can Cost You $467,562
According to The New York Times, it costs around $460,000 more to be in a same-sex relationship than an opposite-sex marriage in the United States. The costs were attributed to the inequities placed on same-sex couples by the federal Defense of sex Act (DOMA), which prohibits access to many of the financial benefits opposite-sex couples receive. According to The New York Times, “In our worst case, the couple’s lifetime cost of being gay was $467,562. But the number fell to $41,196 in the best case for a couple with significantly better health insurance, plus lower taxes and other costs. Nearly all the extra costs that gay couples face would be erased if the federal government legalized same-sex marriage.”

DC Marriage Bill Seems Unstoppable
A bill has been submitted in the DC City Council to legalize same-sex marriage. According to most accounts, the measure seems likely to pass easily. Before it can take effect, however, Congress will have an opportunity to review the legislation. Opponents of same-sex marriage in the district admit the bill is likely to become law. In July, DC began recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Councilmember David Catania, who introduced the measure, said, “There is no question that we are about to embark on an exciting journey here in the district.”

Montana Supreme Court Rules in Same-Sex Custody Battle
KECI reports that the Montana Supreme Court upheld a woman’s parental rights in a custody battle with her former same-sex partner. Barbara Maniaci and Michelle Kulstad lived together for 10 years. During their relationship, they adopted two children. Montana state law allows only one woman to be the legal guardian. The women split in 2006. Maniaci had legal rights. Kulstad sued for joint custody. The decision was made in favor of Kulstad on the grounds that she served as a parent for both children. The case was Montana’s first same-sex parental-rights trial.

World News

Canadian Man “Lied” About Sex To Give Blood
The Edmonton Sun reports that 36-year-old Kyle Freeman testified in an Ottawa courtroom he lied about having sex with other men when giving blood because he wanted his donations to help others. He told the court he didn’t feel at risk, because he received regular HIV tests, and didn’t have unprotected sex. Canadian Blood Services is suing him for lying about his sexual activity, which would disqualify him from giving blood. The agency asserts that the ban is essential to protect the blood supply. Freeman is countersuing, arguing that the ban is unconstitutional and scientifically unjustified.

Muslim Football Team Refuses To Play with Gay Team
Creteil Bebel, a French football team composed mainly of Muslims, has refused to play the gay team Paris Foot Gay (PFG). The gay team said it received an e-mail from the Muslim team declining to honor a match, saying it was “against their principles.” According to PFG, the e-mail stated, “Sorry, but because of the name of your team, and in keeping with the principles of the team, which is a team of practicing Muslims, we cannot play against you.” PFG, which called the decision homophobic, has threatened to press charges. An unnamed representative from the Muslim team said in a local radio interview it would not back down: “We’re sorry if anyone feels insulted. [But] as a Muslim, I still have the right to decide not to play, because I don’t agree with their philosophy.”

Running Through My Past

As I completed the online registration form, the thought occurred to me: You, Bradley Traynor, are about to sign up for a 10-mile run to impress a man. Have you never heard of dinner and a movie? Another voice from some distant corner of my mind tried to comfort me: At least it’s not the marathon. True. Click. God help me. Read the rest of this entry »

Ms. Behavior®: Lesbian Night Organizer

Dear Ms. Behavior:

For the past four years, a bunch of gay women in my social circle have gotten together at the house of one of us each month to watch a movie, have dinner, or dance. These are casual events—though we’ve seen couples fall in love, break up, get back together, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Godzilla Runs a Muck

Yeah, OK, you’ve heard it before: No more Godzilla movies. Tsk. That poor lounge lizard has died more times than a trainload of opera singers.

Alas, I think they really, really, really mean it.

Chief producer Shogo Tomiyama, of the Toho Co., which has made all 21 Godzilla films, declared that Number 22, Godzilla the Destroyer, would be the very, very, very last—the finale, the ultimate scaly, belly-up end for the big ticked-off lizard. Read the rest of this entry »

On the Record

I Bought a Blue Car Today
Alan Cumming

The stage and screen actor tackles a new medium on his first solo album. These tunes, culled from a show Cumming performed in New York and Sydney, are full of the cocksure energy that has marked his career. The selections are intriguing as well. This isn’t a collection of show tunes, though they are represented (via a “Hedwig” medley, along with “Mein Herr,” a song Cumming did not perform in his career-making turn as the emcee in Cabaret). Instead, he runs through the musical map, from Cindy Lauper to Dolly Parton to a standard made famous by Frank Sinatra (“That’s Life”). Through it all, Cumming provides entertaining notes about how the songs were selected, and how they connected to his journey to become a US citizen. All’s that’s missing are truly compelling recordings. Cumming is a fine singer, but the music is a bit too airtight and sterile for such messy, joyous tunes. It’s something that probably was better in person. Read the rest of this entry »

On the Townsend

Little House on the Prairie / Through Oct. 25 / The Full Monty / Through Nov. 8 /
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, 345 Washington St., St. Paul / (651) 224-4222 /

A reflexive stereotype jumps to conclude that Little House on the Prairie must be tripe. Wrong! It’s a gloriously expansive musical whose Ordway Main Stage run has songs, scenes, and dance numbers not seen in its 2008 Guthrie premiere. Read the rest of this entry »

“I Was Babs’s Lesbian Lover”: An Interview with Joan Rivers

Heretical comedienne superstar and red carpet celebrity stalker Joan Rivers performs at the Pantages on November 4. Few 76-year-olds are as in sync with the times and as broadly popular as the well-dressed funny lady whose signature question is: “Can we talk?”

I spoke with wild woman herself recently, and boy did she give me a piece of her mind. But I guiltily confess, I loved it! Read the rest of this entry »

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