Issue 356

Q Solution: “Crime Does Pay”

Q Puzzle: “Crime Does Pay”

1 Opposite of erect
5 Reinaldo Arenas’ Peter
10 Apple that isn’t a fruit
14 How far up it goes (abbr.)
15 Lorca’s “Later!”
16 Gay-friendly Barrett
17 Belle’s companion
18 Hose down
19 Where to see sweaty athletes
20 Patricia Cornwell’s medical examiner character Kay
22 John of Billy Elliot: The Musical fame
23 Many, many moons
24 Like the Everglades
25 Snow White’s dwarfs, e.g.
28 Rita of West Side Story
30 ___-a-Porter (film of 4-Down)
31 Decline
33 Pull out your shooter
36 Shakespearean verb ending
37 Came upon
38 Cats inspirer’s monogram
39 Bottomless
41 Cheek
43 Anthropologist Margaret
44 They work with your stones
46 Eats noisily
48 Bear or bull
50 One side of Ed Wood
51 Throng of people
52 Lucy, lesbian niece of 20-Across
57 Former Vibe editor Wilbekin
58 Hung picture of the well-hung
59 Layer beneath two plastic brides
60 Hair of a stallion
61 Kathy of Primary Colors
62 Poet ___ Wu
63 Actor John of Nowhere and Flawless
64 Upright erection
65 Take home
1 Stonewall Jackson’s boys
2 Actor Mapa
3 Chicago’s Catherine ___-Jones
4 Rupert of Stage Beauty
5 Heather’s two mommies, e.g.
6 Cuts
7 By ___ of (owing to)
8 Painter Bonheur
9 Fruit sugar ending
10 Feminist Patricia
11 Patricia Cornwell’s first novel about 20-Across
12 Where to hop, to Dr. Seuss
13 Kaye of Hans Christian Anderson
21 Mary Cheney’s partner Heather
22 Mary’s little lamb, perhaps
24 Sign of a Broadway hit
25 Moved one’s ass
26 Irish tongue
27 Name of detective in Patricia Cornwell’s series
28 Linda Richman portrayer Mike
29 Where to see Ugly Betty
32 Pious ejaculation
34 Lickety-split (abbr.)
35 Becomes husband and husband
40 Spanks
41 Edvard Grieg’s land (abbr.)
42 Total ___
43 Memoirist Paul
45 Go out with
47 Type of party for women
48 Main melody in a musical
49 Caesar, for one
50 Oliver wanted more of it
52 Auto of Pasolini’s land
53 Stud fee?
54 Performance artist Kron
55 Maude producer
56 Club for Patty Sheehan
58 Teletubbies airer in the U.S.

Deep Inside Hollywood

Ellen Page Plays Real-Life Lesbian

The who is/who isn’t rumor cloud has recently hovered over adorable, Oscar-nominated Juno star Ellen Page. (She even added to it on a Saturday Night Live sketch in which she stated her desire to “hug another woman with my legs in friendship.”) On the flip side of funny, Page just signed on to play Stacie Andree, the partner of lesbian police lieutenant Laurel Hester, who was involved in a years-long battle that changed the face of domestic-partner rights. Read the rest of this entry »


Project 515 Holiday Party

Mayor R.T. Rybak (left) and Ken Darling. Photo by Sophia Hantzes

On December 10, a holiday party benefiting Project 515 took place at the home of Ken Darling in Golden Valley. A large number of attendees celebrated a successful year for the nonprofit organization working to overturn the 515 Minnesota statutes that discriminate against gay and lesbian citizens. A notable guest was Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, who showed his support for the GLBT community and Project 515. Also on the special guest list were State Representatives Jim Davnie, Jeff Hayden, Frank Hornstein, Paul Thissen, and Ryan Winkler, plus State Senator Linda Higgins.

Should We Trust Obama on Rick Warren?

Shortly after this issue hits the stands, I’ll see whether I had any handle on (then) President Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his January 20 inauguration

I first was appalled, then considered: Was Obama being canny? No way can he burst upon the scene, the freshly minted Commander-in-Chief, and put all gay issues on the front burner. If they are to be addressed, then so, too, must be the acknowledgment and inclusion of right-wing evangelicals. Read the rest of this entry »

Audacious and Astonishing Still Tough as Nails and Sharp as a Dagger

At 80, Edward Albee looms as America’s greatest living playwright. He has won the Tony for Best Play twice and the Pulitzer for drama thrice.

Albee is the last playwright to have been an actual bona fide household name. That was back when titans like Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and Albee were part of the national discourse. They were read by small-town folks in New Mexico and Alabama who couldn’t get to New York to see their plays performed, but still thirsted to know what all the fuss was about. Read the rest of this entry »

Isn’t Fashion Fun

From the fashion leader STYLEDLIFE® and our wardrobe consulting service styledlook®, the Wardrobe Experts® team have a clear message: a key accessory can maximize your wardrobe and fine-tune your personal style. From refined casual to weekend cool, here are some of our wardrobe observations and suggestions for you to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

The Spice of Life

Start off 2009 with a fun and fresh new scent! Your favorite fragrance makers have created some fabulous aroma options for the new year – it’s time to start shopping for one that is perfect for your personality. Keep in mind that a fragrance reacts differently on every person, so make sure you test a new scent out before purchasing. Read the rest of this entry »

Local, National, and World News Read the rest of this entry »

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