Issue 351

Q Puzzle: “Newman’s Men”

1 Bessie of the blues
6 Mary had a little one
10 Straight, in a bar
14 Father, to Gloria Anzaldua
15 Foundation for Humanity name
16 Verb of Verlaine
17 No longer lying with one’s partner
18 Balls
19 Backup date?
20 Paul Newman’s character in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town
23 You can send one to pick up a trick on AOL
24 No. in a little black book
25 “Beats me”
29 Help out
30 Without a date
32 It’s tiny but attractive
33 Newman’s character in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth
37 Colette’s tea
38 Straddled a stallion
39 Earhart’s medium
40 Switch end
41 Threesome for Caligula
42 Newman wanted to play this character in Patricia Nell Warren’s The Front Runner
46 Tongue ending
47 Sea eagles
48 “Don we now ___ gay apparel…”
49 Family of Mary, Queen of Scots
51 The whole shebang
52 “Morally straight” org.
55 Newman’s character in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
59 Noble title for Chablis
62 Illegal block by Esera Tuaola
63 Wet spot on a blanket of sand
64 Retreat for D.H. Lawrence
65 Hang out
66 Fairy tale hag
67 Oral sex protectors
68 Cock attachment
69 Roo’s mom

1 Orgasm, e.g.
2 Poles for your first mate?
3 Where to see Tom, Dick, or Harry
4 Math branch
5 Joan of Arc, allegedly
6 Lambda ___ Defense and Education Fund
7 Ball of film and TV
8 Actress Kunis of Gia
9 Like the Singing Nun
10 Former Indian head
11 Sappho’s long E
12 Prince Valiant’s boy
13 Food and wine expert Allen
21 Ancient Persian
22 ___ of Seventeen
26 Big bang cause, briefly
27 Gomer’s not at all
28 “There’s a single runner,” to Billy Bean
29 Hydrocarbon ending
30 Travels with one’s first mate
31 Model Banks
33 “Lesbians ignite!” and others
34 Get up
35 Foucault’s final word
36 editor Sarah
40 Pull a boner
42 Cabaret mister
43 The Advocate piece, e.g.
44 Publisher of same-sex couples’ legal guide
45 Queer Duck voice Jim J.
50 Immeasurably vast hole
51 Big fruit of New York?
52 Male offspring that goes either way?
53 He wrote “Englishman in New York” as a tribute to Quentin Crisp
54 Cruising, maybe
56 Tight group
57 Scot’s skirt
58 Byron poem
59 Inc., to W.H. Auden
60 Org. that comes when you break down
61 DeLuise who was in drag in Haunted Honeymoon


Campbell Spears Spear Again

For the historical record, Lavender might like to note that Senator Allan Spear’s 1974 coming out was not seen by many leading Minnesota gays at the time as particularly “courageous.” Spear came out only under strong threat of “outing.” It is probably even true that so many people in public life already knew he was gay by the time he came out, his interview with the local newspaper was pretty anticlimactic. Read the rest of this entry »

Bear Essentials: A Local History

About 15 years ago, the bear community began to join together formally in the Twin Cities. Two groups were established in the early 1990s: North Country Bears and MinnBears. Has it ever crossed your mind that some gay men actually love being larger than the average body type, sport facial and body hair, and embrace their sexuality—all at the same time? Read the rest of this entry »

Bartender Spotlight

Who: Craig Read the rest of this entry »

Thursdays Rock at the Town House

Every Thursday night, the Town House bar in St. Paul hosts a cornucopia of the best entertainment anywhere. Plus, it’s free—no cover charge! Read the rest of this entry »

PrideAlive Hosts 10th Anniversary Bash

PrideAlive is producing a keepsake that will be distributed at the 10th Anniversary Bash—a yearbook with write-ups about every activity it has done over the past decade, and with photos of participants in some of those events. PrideAlive (PA), a program of the Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP), is 10 years old. To celebrate, it’s having a 10th Anniversary Bash on November 15, 7-9 PM, at Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis. You’re invited. Read the rest of this entry »

Salut Bar Americain

I confess. It wasn’t my first time at Salut Bar Americain on Grand Avenue in St. Paul since it opened in June. I’ve broken baguette with Rose McGee of Deep Root Desserts; stopped for a quick lunch on the terrace with my partner, Chad, after a bicycle ride; and shared wine and supper with my PR person, Maria Manske. Read the rest of this entry »

Giving Them The Bird

Home & Yard Blvd. Section

It’s High Noon on Thanksgiving, and the house is a disaster. Instead of finely crafted silverware, plastic forks and spoons lie strewn about the kitchen table. Instead of an elegant arrangement of soothing, fall-colored decorations, a plastic cornucopia and a freshly printed “Happy Thanksgiving” sign awkwardly greet guests at the front door. Read the rest of this entry »

Making the Holidays Yourself

Home & Yard Blvd. Section

Maybe finances are tight this holiday season. Perhaps you want to put a personal touch on your presents. Maybe you don’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday. Perhaps you just want to give gifts that say “this is me” for 2008.? Read the rest of this entry »

National & World News Read the rest of this entry »

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