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Home & Yard: Trends to watch for!

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Outdoor Living Rooms
With the trend of making the outdoors more accessible comes the comforts of the indoors. In 2008, one of the newest moves is bringing the living room to the outside of your home. Everything from the kitchen and dining room to now the living room has been modified to the outdoors. Living room furniture is just as comfortable as before, but with waterproof cushions.

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I Love a Parade, But…

We’re coming upon another Gay Pride festival and parade. Unfortunately, I have to decide whether I want to attend the parade. The last two years, I have left disappointed, rather than proud. I’m 60 years old.

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A Word in Edgewise

Outside, a group of protesters marched against a celebration of love and steadfastness, while within, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who initially spearheaded the way for same-sex marriages, presided at the wedding of Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 83.

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Winning Isn’t Everything

After pouring more than $100,000 of his own money into his campaign, Jim Neal only took second place in this year’s primary for the Democratic nomination to challenge North Carolina Republican US Senator Elizabeth “Liddy” Dole. Yet, he’s amazingly calm and upbeat.

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Jack Bee Garland (aka Babe Bean)

Jack Bee Garland was a pioneer on multiple fronts, crossing boundaries of gender, ethnicity, class, and geography.

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Animal Humane Society

It’s an engine of good intentions, fueled every year by 100,000 hours of volunteer service. It’s the Animal Humane Society (AHS), and, this summer, it’s going into fifth gear.

Deb Balzer is a happy cog in that machine, one of the proudest of AHS’s 200 paid employees, but her position as Marketing Manager is no mere job, nor even a profession: It’s nothing less than a mission.

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District 202

District 202 has been in the business of providing a safe place for GLBT-identified youth and their allies for the past 16 years. The organization prides itself on the ability to be a free and open space—a sanctuary for youth who might otherwise have nowhere else to go. District 202 differs from its counterparts in that it is not an aid agency, but rather a positive gathering space. While it has the ability to provide help in any situation, its primary concern is fostering an encouraging environment for gay youth and their friends.

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Human Rights Campaign

You can’t drive very far these days without seeing a blue and yellow equality sticker—the powerfully simple logo of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The things are everywhere. But that’s just what HRC President Joe Solmonese wants, because it’s exactly where he wants equality to break out: everywhere. He searches out those places where people congregate, and then works to change them to be more equitable.

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MN Historical Society

Flaunt the word “Pride” in the Twin Cities during the last weekend in June, and you’re likely to summon images of pink triangles and red ribbons, rainbow flags and lambdas, as we celebrate the past and present of the local GLBT community.

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Park House

Those who work with people with AIDS deal with the end-of-life process more often than they would hope. As medical prognoses turn for the worse, many clients come to places like Park House seeking help as their lives come to an end.

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