Issue 338

Sex Talk: Spankings

When it comes to SM, many guys will swear that nothing beats a good, old-fashioned spanking. Plenty of pain-play just plain hurts, which delights many a masochist. But since the butt’s a major erogenous zone, spanking walks a libido-lofting line between pleasure and pain. As one swatting bottom says, “A hard hand on my butt goes straight to my cock.”

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Quernemoen Art Show Debuts at Wilde Roast Café

When Minnesota native Michael Quernemoen thinks back, he can remember winning his first art contest in second grade, as well as various art contests and awards afterward. Labeled the “artist” in the family, he even was given the nickname “Michael Angelo” by his grandfather.

After high school, Quernemoen pursued a career in graphic design, working with various clients including the Saloon, RSVP Vacations, and Wisteria Design Studio, to name a few.

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Art-A-Whirl Swirling Around Northeast Minneapolis

Art-A-Whirl (AAW), the popular open-studio and gallery tour of Northeast Minneapolis, is back again this year, May 16-18. This annual event calls for, and welcomes, local and regional visitors who want to see art produced in Northeast Minneapolis.

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Oryon Goes Nova: Pop Icon Breaks Out New Album and New Attitude

Asking this gay boy not to make snap judgments based solely on physical appearance is like asking our beloved President not to use faulty English. It’s not something I mean to do—it just kind of happens. It may be harsh, but I like the view from the height of the pedestal it puts me on.

I first met Oryon last year on the cover of Lavender. He was bare-chested, and not much of a talker. Yet, looking at his bleached blond hair and chiseled abs, I felt like I already knew him. This boy more than likely never had done a day’s work in his life—he was sure to be pop progeny or heir to an international fortune. I imagined his personality to be about as deep as the cover photo.

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The Denim Scene

On the Runway Section

Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers

From skinny styles and dark washes to hippie flares and destroyed details, there are more options than ever for denim lovers this season! Check out the hottest new denim trends from all of the must-have brands.

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On the Record


I have greeted the last half-dozen R.E.M. albums or so with an “er—OK.” But Accelerate sounds like the real deal. The band not only rocks harder than they have in more than a decade, but also the songs have the classic, pop-merged-with-the-underground vibe that fueled R.E.M.’s rise in the 1980s. Peter Buck’s guitars jangle like the old days; Michael Stipe is in good voice; and even Mike Mills sings harmony just like on the old classics.

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On the Townsend

The Ballad of Josef K.
Through May 18
Illusion Theater
528 Hennepin Ave., Mpls.
(612) 339-4944

Milwaukee Mask and Puppet Theatre plays the Illusion with a bizarre take on Franz Kafka’s The Trial dubbed The Ballad of Josef K. This provocative reimagining of an already edgy work portrays a secret court with a resident pedophile who engages teen prostitutes. Indeed, everyone connected with the court is said to be a rapist, pornographer, pederast, or sadomasochist.

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Cloutier & Brandl

Regardless of the media attention devoted to high-profile court cases, and the entertainment industry’s love affair with smart, ethical attorneys, it seems lawyers don’t enjoy the same popular respect that, say, teachers or doctors do. That sentiment is especially interesting these days, when our health-care and education systems have been the subject of such scrutiny. But as yet, we haven’t blamed doctors for our health-care ills the way we do lawyers for our unwieldy and often capricious legal system.

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Lesbian 101: On Straight Women

Readers, I’ve just done something that I rarely do before writing a column. I cracked open a beer.
That’s right, readers. I write these columns totally sober. This probably comes as a surprise to regular readers. (Are there any?)

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It’s Greek to Me

Joseph Nichols, a fine travel journalist, returned from Greece recently, and issued a travel report that included this sentence: “Along the way, I found myself distracted and sidetracked by the expansive beauty of the countryside and the boundlessly engaging culture.” Read the rest of this entry »

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