Issue 335

On the Townsend

The Lady With All the Answers
Apr. 3-20
History Theatre
30 E. 10th St., St. Paul
(651) 292-4323

Suzy Messerole is a celebrated director of queer and feminist works. So, The Lady With All the Answers, a bioplay about Ann Landers (née Eppie Lederer), the most famous mainstream advice columnist ever, may seem uncharacteristic.

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Town House Hosts Benefit for Stewart Olerich

A 30-year-old singer with the voice (and looks) of an angel, Stewart Olerich is well-known in our community. He performed with the popular group DiscFunktion, which disbanded after a number of years of musically enchanting audiences. He was a talented karaoke host with Mia Dorr’s Premier Entertainment. He also bartended at the Brass Rail.

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Bitch Is Back! Popular Entertainer Returns to Pi

after Pi opened in 2007, Bitch caused a sensation when she made her first Minneapolis appearance there on March 26. Now, a year later, on April 13, she’s returning to Pi with her new band, The Exciting Conclusion, as part of a national tour. The openers for the evening are The Pussy Pirates.

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Sex and Politics

This issue’s column was inspired by, and is dedicated to, Eliot Spitzer. What, you may ask, is the former Governor of New York doing in a leather column? He’s serving as a good example of a bad example. The leather/BDSM/fetish community can learn much from his recent misadventures. We ignore these lessons at our own peril.

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Astraea Foundation for Lesbian Justice Benefit Celebrates Louisa Hext’s Birthday

The 30-year-old Astraea Foundation for Lesbian Justice is the world’s only lesbian-led feminist foundation focused on both US and international rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersexed people. Astraea now is represented in Minnesota. You have an opportunity to learn about the foundation and contribute to it during a fund-raiser on April 6.

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The Page Boy

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

Mary Roach

Mary Roach tackles—dispassionately, factually, hilariously—the subject of sexual research. What’s not to fascinate? Take Chapter Four, for example. Does not the heading “The Upsuck Chronicles: Does Orgasm Boost Fertility, and What Do Pigs Know About It?” simply scream, “Read me!” Much food for…thought. Roach’s previous book is Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.
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A Word in Edgewise

Something makes me uneasy about the phrase “zero tolerance.” It smacks of every shade of right-wing extremist cant, although it is used with good intention—against school bullying, weapons in schools, and maltreatment of stockyard animals. But the phrase often is used with a kind of finality that implies it is in itself the solution, not a goal to be attained. The words offer a feeling of false security for the targeted. The aggressor will do A, and receive B as punishment: case closed.

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Queer As Folks

Alison Bechdel Visits University of Minnesota

Megan Kocher (left) and Alison Bechdel. Photo by Sophia Hantzes

Alison Bechdel, author of the critically acclaimed Fun Home and the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, visited the University of Minnesota on March 6. Her pieces have been called “one of the preeminent oeuvres in the comic genre, period” by Ms. Magazine. Her comic strip has been syndicated in more than 50 newspapers and publications, and collected into a series of books with more than 250,000 copies currently in print. Four of her books have won Lambda Awards for humor, and The Indelible Alison Bechdel garnered a Lambda Literary Award in the biography/autobiography category. Read the rest of this entry »

Soulforce Equality Ride Reprises

The very idea of “faith in action” calls forth in my mind visions of potlucks, Bible studies, and the phrase I have come to adore: “heart of hearts.” The substance of faith-based activism, religious-based dialogue, and the slow and steady progress of the religious establishment on GLBT issues is, by and large, the intimate realm of conversation and personal connections. It’s the social equality I seek.

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Garages The Forbidden Territory

With winter fading fast, it’s natural to want to go through all the clutter in your house, and clean it out. The infamous “spring cleaning” bug is about to hit (if it hasn’t already), and, of course, you’re all set with your cleaning supplies.

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