Issue 332

Wenzel Goes Green

Home & Yard Blvd. Section

These days, terms like “carbon footprint” are as fashionable as a pair of Mezlan Chets. But to Dan Miller, Vice President of Wenzel Heating and Air Conditioning, such jargon is increasingly part of his daily work. Specifically, the word “green” is becoming as common as mercury and mufflers—and such green isn’t a paint color.

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Pamper Yourself… with Eco-Friendly Products

On The Runway Section

Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers

“Green” is the new black this season, and anything organic and all-natural tops the list of must-haves. With eco-friendly products showing up everywhere from the grocery store to your favorite boutique, it’s getting easier than ever to help Mother Earth – and now you can look and feel great while doing it!

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Ms. Behavior®

Dear Ms. Behavior:
I hooked up with Tina last summer, when I was drinking a lot, still hurting from my last relationship, and just looking for recreational sex. We started out having great sex (everywhere!), and both continued hooking up with others.

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Sex Talk: Average Guys

The biggest cock. The most ripped abs. The prettiest face. Sometimes the whole gay world seems fixated on physical fabulousness. But not everyone is in pursuit of the Impossible Dream. Says one man who’d easily qualify as “very good-looking” himself, “Give me an average guy every time.”

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Oscar Night® Minnesota 2008 Benefits MAP

On February 24 (deo volente), the 80th Oscars, or Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, takes place at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®, televised live by ABC. Simultaneously, Minneapolis’s Chambers Hotel will be alight with myriad big screens, bringing the proceedings to VIP guests celebrating Oscar Night® Minnesota 2008. The fund-raiser, benefiting Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP) and presented by RBC Dain Rauscher, is Minnesota’s only Academy-sanctioned Oscar Night® America party.

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National & International News

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Ruth Bernhard

Though she did not self-identify publicly as lesbian or bisexual, photographer Ruth Bernhard—renowned for her abstract still lifes and female nudes—had enduring romantic relationships with both women and men over the course of her lifetime.

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What We Already Know What They Need To Learn

I always have known that we same-sex couples are happier than our opposite-sex counterparts. Maybe it has something to do with our living up to that “gay” moniker. Maybe it’s because we join together with such a strong bond that as couples, we can weather the possibility of our family, friends, and neighbors rejecting us. Maybe it’s because as youngsters, we all played nicely in the sandbox, and as adults, we know how to share.

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Honeydripper Packs Witty and Wise Punch on Race

When we think of the Jim Crow laws enacted in the South after the Civil War and Reconstruction, “colored only” toilets, water fountains, and seating at the back of the bus may come to mind. All dreadful strictures, but the deeper methods of oppression underlying those examples were systematized viciously.

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On The Record

The Magnetic Fields

Well, the title certainly is truth in advertising. Stephin Merritt goes all The Jesus and Mary Chain here, but like those legendary ’80s feedback mavens, this album has no shortage of songs beneath all the fuzz. You have to understand that I adored the early The Jesus and Mary Chain (their music from the ’90s forward is a much dodgier proposition), as well as the like-minded “shoe-gazer” bands they inspired.

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