The Best Restaurant, Brewery & Winery Patios in Minnesota

Even though Labor Day has passed, it doesn’t mean that patio season is over. As a producer for KSTP-TV’s Twin Cities Live, I have a monthly segment called “Worth the Trip”. I tally votes on […]

Unearthing The ‘Land Of Enchantment’

I have an extensive list of destinations I want to visit. Japan is towards the top. I haven’t made it to New Orleans yet. When coworkers and friends rave about their adventures, I pull out […]

At The Intersection Of Southern Charm And Fun

Celebrate Pride twice this year with a trip to beautiful Atlanta. Atlanta is one of the gay epicenters of the southern United States, and for good reason. With 5.8 million total residents, the city is […]

Living Life Out On The ‘Edge’

The rooms are claustrophobic. You have to sit with the random people at dinner. There is not enough to do. When I asked people on Instagram and Twitter their reservations as to why they haven’t […]

Choose Your Own Adventure In Door County

Escape to Eastern Wisconsin, whether it’s two days or seven Located about one hour northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Door County is the authority in hospitality and a haven for those looking to get away. […]

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