Let’s Get Physical (And Fabulous)

Owners of Solcana Fitness and Jeromeo in the Loop share the importance of safe fitness and wellness facilities for the GLBT community. The gym can be one of the most intimidating places for many folks. […]

Love At First Ink

Getting a tattoo is a highly personal decision. In addition to having your skin inked for the rest of your life, most if not all tattoos have a deep or sentimental significance to their owners, […]

Windy City, Take My Breath Away

Explore Chicago’s rich GLBT history, majestic downtown area, and yes, the pizza. The first time I went to Chicago, I was 14 years old. Since my parents both originally hail from Illinois, my dad brought […]

Remember The Alamo Drafthouse

As a lifelong lover of cinema, I remain steadfast in my belief that a motion picture deserves to be seen—at least at first—in the comforting confines of a movie theater. You can watch a flick […]

Communion: Pride Edition- June 24, 2018

Pride Weekend at 19 Bar- June 23, 2018

Café and Bar Lurcat Pride Celebration- June 23, 2018

Whitney Houston/Diana Ross Drag Brunch- June 23, 2018

Pride Weekend at Gay 90s- June 24, 2018

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