California, Here I Come

Fifteen years ago, not so much — empty storefronts on a dowdy plaza. Today, the shopping/dining/wine-tasting scene in Healdsburg, California, is hot-hot-hot, and those storefronts hemming their now-magical plaza occupy some of the costliest real […]

Drifting Down the Danube

I can’t resist a fire sale. Lurking amid the daily deluge of emails was one that stopped my heart: a Viking River Cruise shaving the usual ridiculous single supplement and paring airfare to — not […]

San Antonio…Sun Antonio!

Forget the calendar’s promise of spring. We in Minnesota don’t fall for that illusion. If we’re smart, we’re off to San Antonio. The message “Remember the Alamo” takes on new meaning when it’s 75 degrees […]

My New Kentucky Home

I’m in George Clooney’s bed. Alas, he’s not. But it’s the room he chooses in the French Quarter Inn when he returns to Maysville, Kentucky for movie premieres and to remember his Aunt Rosemary (whose […]

Travel: It’s Greater at the Equator

I’m standing at the Middle of the World. To clarify, I’m straddling the equator, just 20 miles from Quito, Ecuador, at the so-named museum of phenomena unique to this global belt.  At 0 degrees, 0’ […]

Travel: Columbia, the Gem of the Prairie

The deputy warden pinned me with his gaze as the barred gate thumped shut with a despairing clang. I’m incarcerated in the Missouri State Penitentiary—maximum security division—and, unlike its former lifers, I’m having the time […]

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