11.20.14 The Exchange’s Annual TRANS JAM Minneapolis MN

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2 Responses to 11.20.14 The Exchange’s Annual TRANS JAM Minneapolis MN

  1. It Takes a Village says:

    While other businesses were not allowed to have assembly, or parties and events on the second floor of 3405 Chicago Ave South, how is it the Exchange and Roxanne Anderson’s Cafe Southside have events up here? I can tell you how. Look closely and you will see City Council Member, Elizabeth Glidden’s assistant – Andrea Jenkins. This is an abuse of power.

    This is clearly the second floor space where It Takes a Village Second Hand store used to be. Because of the lack of exists (fire hazard) this space is not safe for groups to meet. The building as a whole is not zoned for assembly. To have assembly a building must be zoned as C2 and 3405 Chicago is zoned C1. It does not have proper egress, fire sprinkers, etc.

    Other business owners and groups within the LGBT community would not be permitted to do this.

  2. Check this out! Unbelievable. More events over at 3405 Chicago Ave South – Second Floor.

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