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Gardening: Jack Frost is knocking. Let him in!

November signals the end to our enjoyment of the heat loving gardens of summer. The psychological reality sinks in that fall is upon us and winter is near. For some, this brings about sadness that […]

Fall is for Gardening!

With Labor Day behind us, unofficially summer takes the backseat to the cooler temperatures, and shorter days of autumn. Leaves just barely start to turn, signaling the end of the growing season with frost not […]

Yard: Life on the Street

Extending the Garden to the Boulevard and Alley With the dog days of summer upon us, it might be easy to set down the trowel and call it quits in the garden. Things look good. […]

No Bullies in My Garden

Not unlike junior high school, the garden can be a breeding ground for bullies—plant bullies. If left unchecked, certain plants will take over, making it difficult for neighboring, less-vigorous plants to succeed. Here are a […]

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