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Playing For the Other Team: Sami Grisafe’s “Brand New Fairy Tale”

I remember my initial introduction to Sami Grisafe vividly, as one does most painful experiences. Flat on my back in the dirt and grass, I was staring up at a blue sky, breathing hard and […]

Identity & the Iron Horse

Kathie: Where are you going when you leave here? Don’t you know? Johnny: [scoffing] Oh man, we just gonna go. Kathie: Just trying to make conversation. It means nothing to me. Johnny: Well, on the weekends, we go […]

Playing For the Other Team: The 7-Stages of Off-Season Grief

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions. Which leaves those of us who aren’t Patriots fans feeling as deflated as Tom Brady’s balls. For die-hard NFL addicts, now begins the 7 Stages of Off-Season Grief. […]

Playing for the Other Team: Shannon Miller, and the Question No One is Asking

The State of Hockey is in a state of mourning. J.P. Parise, former NHL All-Star, former head of the renowned Shattuck-Saint Mary’s hockey program and father of Wild player Zach, passed away after a battle […]

Playing For the Other Team: A Win for Transgender Rights, But Hurt Remains

The bathroom. A place to pee, apply Chap Stick, kiss the cute girl from the bar…or, a place to be ID’ed, thrown-out, beaten, or tased. The latter is reality for our trans brothers and sisters […]

All in the Family

Confused. Hesitant. Conflicted. Concerned. Understanding. Excited. Name an emotion, and I’m sure I’ve witnessed it in the one of the faces of people I’ve told that my brother is our sperm donor. Really?? But wait, […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Nell Gelhaus

I’ll admit it; lesbians are hard to buy for. Just when you think you have us all figured out, you realize we’re not that kind of lesbian, we’re the other kind. You know, with like, […]

Playing For the Other Team: Q & A with Kye Allums

While the Minnesota State High School League has been making the news preparing to vote on a policy for transgender students who wish to play sports, one of the nation’s pioneer transgender athletes has returned […]

10 Things No One Tells You about Your Wedding Day

In the weeks and days leading up to our wedding, well-meaning family and friends took every opportunity to dole out advice on everything we should expect on the Big Day. “Save extra money for random day-of […]

Playing For The Other Team: Blaine Hanson, “Our Kid”

The Iron Range. Where the boys drive truck (and no, truck is not meant to be plural; “drivin’ truck” is its own verb), play hockey, and chew tobacco. Where the winters are harsh, even for […]

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