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PRIDE Institute Celebrates 30 Years of Service to GLBT Community

For the past 30 years, PRIDE Institute has been a mainstay for the GLBT community in Minnesota. As the first “stand-alone substance abuse treatment center in the nation exclusively created to serve the LGBTQ community,” […]

National Senior Games comes to the Land of 10,000 Lakes

If you love the game, you’re in it for life. For over 10,000 senior citizens across the country, being an athlete doesn’t have an age limit. These dedicated senior athletes will come head-to-head at the […]

#GSquaredWed: A Happy Ending for Kevin and Randy

Most love stories begin with serendipitous circumstances, complete with awkward yet adorable moments, butterflies, and the “once in a lifetime” feeling that makes you feel like you’ve met your one and only soul mate. But […]

Community Coffee Shops

Coffee is always in season, and it’s the perfect way to stay awake during the best season of all: Pride! As you plan your Pride festivities, be sure to include stops at these GLBTQ-owned and […]

The View from the River: Above the Falls Sports Kayaking Tours

For many Twin Cities residents, the Mississippi River holds a special place in our image of home. The great Mississippi serves as a backdrop for marriage proposals and family photos on the Stone Arch Bridge. […]

Lavender Love: Molly and Ania Nadybska

“A Polish girl and an Iowan farm girl walk into a movie…” What may sound like the start of a bad joke is actually how Molly and Ania’s love story begins. Ten years ago, Molly […]

Belize: A Honeymoon Hotspot

By the time our honeymoon rolled around, we were more than ready to switch our snow boots for sandals. Even though we got married in August, we had to delay our honeymoon until winter, which […]

Coming Out…Again: Speaking Up about Mental Health in the GLBT Community

If you walk past Kimberia Sherva or L.A. Jones on the street, you wouldn’t assume that anything is different about them. They both appear to be healthy adults going about their daily lives. But what […]

The Perfect Fit: The Porter Adoption Story

Photos of the Porter family show a happy teen between two tall men with joyous eyes. The smiles of the three men are so heartfelt—and so natural—that one could assume the trio has been smiling […]

Every Body Is A Yoga Body

We’ve all heard the phrase “yoga body.” For most people, this calls to mind a fit, lithe, slender person dressed to the nines in the trendiest skin-tight yoga gear. This preconceived notion of what a […]

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