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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Joy Summers

The Shining Knife Rack All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keep your wit and knives sharp with this badass knife rack. Makes me happy every time I reach for my Wüsthof. Bo […]

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: Cocktail Rooms

Congratulations! You’re engaged. There are a million details that need nailing down, but first and foremost, it’s time to plan the bachelor/ette party. How often does one get to attend a pre-party for a party? […]

Food & Dining: 4 Bells

It’s been two long years of looking from Loring Park to the perfect patio at the former Joe’s Garage and longing to lounge there with a cocktail. Finally, 4 Bells has opened its doors to […]

Food & Dining: Saint Dinette

The concrete walls and floors stay cool to the touch, even on the hottest day. A section of corrugated tin shields the bar. Windows line the walls, allowing for light to play across the mod […]

Food & Dining: New Outdoor Hot Spots

As the summer sun dips low on the horizon, there is no better place to be than a beautiful patio, surrounded by friends, a goblet of wine in hand and plates of delicious food dotting […]

Food & Dining: Nighthawks

Landon Schoenefeld wasn’t even in the market for a new restaurant project. The North Loop pioneering chef and owner of Haute Dish was toiling away on the line recreating decadent comfort foods like the restaurant’s […]

Food & Dining: Revival

We were promised fried chicken. Up until now, the fried chicken selection of the Twin Cities was sparse. There were some broaster birds, the addictive breast strips at The Rabbit Hole, several good wings, but […]

2015 New Restaurant Guide & Preview

Joy Summers is the go-to for what’s new and to be known on the Twin Cities’ restaurant scene. Here she’s culminated a list of eateries for you to put on your radar, some of what’s developed in […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Drinks

The idea of hiring a bartender of name for a wedding might be new to Minnesotans. We’re a humble sort, so naming a drink slinger and branding your big day’s booze might not be at […]

Best New Restaurants of 2014

The January sleet was merciless. Actually, I’m not certain it was January. The entirety of last winter felt like a January, but it was disgustingly, brutally, irritatingly cold as I shuffled inside Chef Shack Ranch. […]

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