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Eat the Menu: Punch Bowl Social

Adult children of the world, unite! We finally have a place to hang out with other adults while not actually having to act much like adults. Punch Bowl Social at the edge of St. Louis […]

Eat the Menu: Eat the Fair

Minnesota summers begin at Pride, but they end at the State Fair. Both are among the best in the nation and for good reason. The Minnesota State Fair is 12 days of unbridled feasting, fun, and […]

Eat the Menu: Hi-Lo Diner

There’s a new girl in town and she’s looking good. There’s a fresh freckled face, in the neighborhood. There’s a new girl in town, with a brand new style. She was just passing through, but […]

Eat the Menu: Cone Zone

Summer is here and nothing beats the heat like frozen dairy delights. This is the Midwest after all. Ice cream is more than a mere summer staple. It’s necessary part of our culture. A breezy […]

Eat the Menu: Eat the Ship

To say I love cruising as much as I love eating is probably stretching the truth a bit, but I definitely love eating on a cruise ship as much as anywhere else. If not more […]

Eat the Menu: Dining Out for Life

It’s that time of year again: Dining Out For Life, an annual fundraising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, corporate sponsors, and restaurants. You’ll see KARE11 personalities Sven Sundgaard and Rena Sarigianopoulos, in addition […]

Eat the Menu: Upton 43

Imagine any of the finest, forward-­thinking restaurants in Stockholm picked up and plopped down in the heart of Linden Hills. Now, let loose a creative Minnesota genius with serious Scandinavian roots inside said restaurant. The […]

Eat the Menu: Sheridan Room

A phoenix has risen from the ashes of the much-beloved Modern Cafe. A casual comfort-food phoenix with a neighborhood sensibility perfectly suited for its classic Northeast Minneapolis location. Lucky for us, this new bird also […]

Eat the Menu: Scena Tavern

Does the Twin Cities really need another take on crudo and craft cocktails? If we’re talking about Uptown’s new Scena Tavern, you’ll be happy to learn the answer is undoubtedly yes. Right on the corner […]

Five Off­-the­-Eaten­-Path Places for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is once again right around the corner. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent more time than you care to staring into space trying to think of the perfect place to take […]

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