Pool and Custer Shine Again in “2 Sugars, Room For Cream”

By John Townsend January 16, 2015

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Carolyn Pool (left) and Shanan Custer (right) Photo by Richard Fleischman

Carolyn Pool (left) and Shanan Custer (right)
Photo by Richard Fleischman

Today it is rare to see a recent stage comedy that doesn’t resort to snark and shock value to make itself felt. But the current reprise run of 2 Sugars, Room For Cream at the new Andy Boss Stage at St. Paul’s Park Square Theatre bucks the tide. It’s what can be called human comedy, where the laughs, the wit, and the irony, come organically out of human situations. It’s the kind of comedy that requires authentic human feeling rather than “acting funny”. Yet, believe me, this is a very funny funny show that still has a critical eye toward the economy and women’s marginalization. I was laughing constantly and you will understand how nice that is on a cold winter night.

The original actress/collaborators Carolyn Pool and Shanan Custer, both lovably charismatic, bring forth vignettes and solo scenes with recurring characters. Two sisters reminisce in different ways at a funeral. As two baristas the pair hilariously and impeccably rattle off drink orders that are nothing less than drawn out challenging tongue-twisters. They riff on pregnancy, the manipulative aspect of Twilight novels, and do they ever love to drink coffee and (just a bit too much) wine. Lovingly directed by Matt Sciple.

2 Sugars, Room for Cream
Through Jan. 18
Park Square’s new Andy Boss Thrust Stage, 20 W. 7th Pl., St. Paul
(651) 291-7005

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