Local Music Issue: Brute Heart

By Ed Huyck December 1, 2011

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Erin Schwab Lori Dokken 
Brute Heart Ellis 
Rogue Valley Stan Hill of the TCGMC
Dessa Jeremy Messersmith 
The New Standards Sick of Sarah

Crystal Myslajek, Jackie Beckey, and Crystal Brinkman. Photo by Sophia Hantzes

Brute Heart takes on its music from an oblique angle, jamming together folk, world and pop elements into a stunning, unique sound. The trio’s two albums , including this year’s Lonely Hunter, feature spare arrangements fueled by percussion and violin, with a sound that’s like some kind of Middle-Eastern Velvet Underground . The band lists eastern folk music, heavy 1960s rock, David Byrne and Brian Eno among their influences, all turning on a goal to be “unique and accessible”. Their sound has made Brute Heart local favorites on The Current and Radio K and popular in live gigs at places like the Turf Club, the 7th St. Entry and the Hexagon.  www.facebook.com/pages/Brute-Heart

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One Response to Local Music Issue: Brute Heart

  1. BlueberriesforSal says:

    Brute Heart is one of the greatest bands on the scene today, or ever for that matter. Their depth, power and trio dynamics are unmatched, putting other personal favorite bands of mine to shame. They instantly became one of my all time favorites after seeing them for the first time and buying their debut LP, and their sophomore release Lonely Hunter only further solidified that. I couldn’t help but listen to it 10 times from start to finish within the first 24 hours of buying it, despite how many times I had to flip the record. It can put you in a trance or bring unexpected tears to the eyes, among other strange happenings. Thanks, Lavender, for keeping up with the best of the best in Twin Cities music.

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