A Mermaid & A Fish Are Safe Bets -Two Accomplished Storytellers Share Their Tales at Fringe

By John Townsend August 11, 2017

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Image by Joan Parks

Ariel  Leaf and Scot Moore always have something interesting to say, so their co-presentation at the Minnesota Fringe Festival is a very safe bet that you’ll be entertained and “thought-provoked.”  Even the titles are intriguing: A Mermaid Abroad & A Fish Out of Water. Both writer/performers have long excelled as live storytellers.

Ben Layne directs what Leaf describes as “a co-written show. Scot and I take turns, sometimes in the same piece, sometimes we trade off who’s telling the story. They are all tales about our travels in other countries that start in the dark of heartbreak far from home and end light and funny, each story inspiring the next so that we are taking a journey together, even though we’re talking about different experiences.”

A Mermaid & A Fish Out of Water
Through Aug. 12
Rarig Xperimental, 330 21st Ave. S, Minneapolis

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