08.15.12 Minnesota Lynx Olympic Gold Medalists Seimone Augustus,Lindsay Whalen and Maya Moore


Minnesota Lynx Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsay Whalen

Minnesota Lynx Olympic Gold Medalist Seimone Augustus

Minnesota Lynx Olympic Gold Medalist Maya Moore


4 Responses to 08.15.12 Minnesota Lynx Olympic Gold Medalists Seimone Augustus,Lindsay Whalen and Maya Moore

  1. alison says:

    Wow….great shots, I can feel the energy and their happiness shining in all of these photographs

  2. alison says:

    These shots are great, I can feel their energy and happiness
    shining in these photographs. Seimone’s picture is so “touching”
    and genuine. Nice work

  3. Jacob Woods says:

    Living in Hutchinson, home of Lindsay, for the summer I see all of the signs for Lindsay Whalen congratulating her. Though, the discourse on the Hutchinson Leader on the marriage amendment is quite brutal. I really wonder if Hutchinson citizens are aware that the Lynx are huge advocates of LGBTQ equality. I wonder if Lyndsay is outspoken on this subject when she is in the area? Perhaps I will write a blog post on this subject! Nonetheless, congrats everyone! I should come see the Lynx play more often!

  4. Nancy Galan says:

    Hi Jacob, please write a blog post on “THIS” subject. The Lynx are one of a very small number who as you say are huge advocates of LGBT equality. In fact I just wrote a long reply to a local MN Lynx sports writer who asked the question “Why is The WNBA Not Being Heard”? My answer is because the WNBA are NOT LISTENING ! They spend inordinate amount of TV time discussing all the heterosexual players who are married, engaged or pregnant, who’s a mom and in the Lynx case, who is a grand mom. It is all this sweet talk about how the WNBA is a “family” game. The up close and personals they do on these heterosexual players are so sweet it is giving me Diabetes.

    The league needs to focus on it’s number 1 demographic and that is Lesbians (and the LGTB followers) Until they recognize this there will always be teams that need to move to another city or drop out altogether (Champion Sac Monarchs)
    The WNBA is in its 16th season and only Sheryl Swoopes is the only big name player who is out. Van Gorp is too, but it took Sue Wicks years after she retired to come out. It is really important for other lesbian players to come out and yes, risk losing what little sponsorship they do have to the Homophobic public.
    I seem to remember when Little Lindsay played for MN in college and when she found her way back to the MN Lynx, the first thing ESPN did was an “up close and personal ” on Lindsay and her then fiance playing golf together. The message was clear from that ESPN clip. I call them “I am not a dyke announcement”.
    And I am a huge Lindsay Whalen fan, so, please start a blog. I’m out here in the Gay Bay Area and we don’t even have a WNBA team within 500 miles.
    Thanks for your post and please start your blog. If we can do our parts, maybe the WNBA will do theirs.

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