Through These Eyes: 43 Ways To Surprise A Stranger

By Justin Jones October 3, 2013

Categories: Dating & Relationships, Our Lives

43 Ways to Surprise a Stranger Note

Lavender this issue celebrates readers’ 100 most favorite people, places, and things. So, here are 43 ways to make a stranger smile.

1.Write a love letter and leave it in a library book.
2.Give a rose to someone talking on a cell phone.
3. Ask a kid for an autograph.
4.Casually read a giant treasure map.
5. Say, “I’m from out of town. Are you Garrison Keillor?”
6. Ask someone on a bus to play Patty Cake.
7.Chew a piece of gum, throw your head back, laugh, and shout, “Damn I love bubblegum!”
8.Carry around a giant clock and tell everyone that you are very, VERY late.
9. Argue with a friend at a restaurant, pound the table and scream, “Where the HELL is Waldo?”
10. Pass a “check yes or no” note to a stranger, then blush and giggle.
11. Stand beside someone on the same escalator step.
12. Say, “I’ll miss you,” to someone leaving an elevator.
13. Ask to borrow a stranger’s car.
14. Give $10 to a stranger and say, “Good job.”
15. Touch a stranger’s shoulder, scream “You’re it!” and run away.
16. Answer a phone call and tell a someone it’s for them.
17. Pass out fliers with random compliments written on them.
18. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant. Anonymously.
19. Play with Play-Doh. Invite others to join.
20. Approach a stranger and ask to be their friend.
21. Walk through the skyways singing “Holding Out for a Hero.”
22. Tip a librarian.
23.Tell someone that they’re really beautiful.
24. Hug a stranger and tell them you haven’t seen them in years.
25. Ask someone at a bar if they want a drink. Tell them you want one, too.
26. Stand outside an apartment building and welcome people home.
27. Open up a lemonade stand.
28. Sing the Golden Girls theme song with friends at a restaurant.
29. Ask to borrow a stranger’s shoes.
30. Read a dictionary on a plane and recommend it to the passenger next to you.
31. Wear a Snuggie. Anywhere.
32. Turn to someone and say, “You’ve known me since the beginning of this sentence.”
33. Quote Dr. Seuss.
34. Give a stranger a birthday present and tell them you’re sorry it’s late.
35. Interrupt someone reading a book and ask if you could borrow it.
36. Ask someone to tell you a bedtime story.
37. Listen to your iPod, move your head to the beat, and sing the alphabet.
38. Send a stranger a singing telegram.
39. Ask someone to prove it.
40. Tell someone you want Nutella.
41. Wear glasses and studiously take notes while reading the back of a Disney VHS.
42. Ask someone for the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
43. Smile.

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