Real Weddings: River Cook and Byrd Shuler

River Cook and Byrd Shuler

Date of Wedding: July 23, 2011
Dating Since: February 1, 2002
Ceremony and Reception: Windbeam Farm, Hager City, WI
Photography: Amy Wurdock Photography

Photographer Amy Wurdock recalls River and Byrd’s wedding as one of the most beautiful ceremonies she’s ever photographed.  “The love and community that surrounded them took my breath away.” Each wedding detail was planned with care, and each family and friend had a special role in the ceremony. River recalls “how many of our people showed up for us, and from how many different parts of our lives; going through that ceremony with that many witnesses was super profound and beautiful.”

3 Responses to Real Weddings: River Cook and Byrd Shuler

  1. mike wright says:

    What an awesome set of photos.

  2. I love the action shots; it makes you feel like you were at the wedding with them. I also like the attention to deal. Even the small touches at the wedding didn’t go unnoticed. Great Job Amy Wurdock Photography!

  3. Lynn Shuler says:

    Byrd and River,

    Happy Anniversary!



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